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A euphemism for the Mexican Mafia.
Ex. 1

Q. Is the Mexican Mafia known by any other name?

A. Yes, ma'am.

Q. What is that name?

A. It's known as "La Eme," L-a, E-m-e; "La Cliqua"

Rene 'Boxer' Enriquez during USA v. Alexis Jaimez and Monica Rodriguez, Sept. 12, 2018

Ex. 2

Ron Ron: Whud up homey! You paid up with the Big Homey?

Lil' Weasel: Who? Fuck that dude! I just got a new Corvette just like Huerito from Mo-Town!

Ron Ron: You're tax free from La Cliqua?

Lil' Weasel: Fuck 'em! Check it out I got some Dubs on the Vette!

Ron Ron: Man: Your ass is gonna get sent to Brazil!
by ZXY&ABC October 03, 2020

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San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California.
Ex 1

"After being exonerated at Soledad for my suspected participation in one of two homicides that occurred there on Christmas Day, I returned to Quilmas -- San Quentin to my English speaking friends -- and was approached by eMe associate Louie from San Diego on the B section exercise yard."

-- Mundo Mendoza, 'GABBY from FLORENCIA 13 - THE GUNFIGHTER,' April 20, 2020

Ex. 2

Shotgun: Hey! The homey Turtle from the Yoch just touchdowned Quilmas!

Sneaky: Show some love and shoot the fool a Care Package.

Shotgun: Huh?

Sneaky: Send him a couple whack mags in an envelope stamped 'Legal Mail.'

Shotgun: Word! I'll shoot him a couple 'gently used' BBW lesbian pornos!
by ZXY&ABC May 13, 2020

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Los Angeles Unified School District. Poor graduation rates. Lousy test scores. Teacher union strikes. Metal detectors at school entrances. You get the idea.
Radio Announcer: Big Chuco's Tires in Montebello is offering a special deal! Buy a set of four used tires and they will throw in a set of old rims for free! But you gotta hurry! This deal only lasts for another 24 hours! For all you LA Unified grads, that's means the sale ends this time tomorrow!
by ZXY&ABC August 02, 2019

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A list of individuals in bad standing with the Nuestra Familia prison gang. Reasons may include dropping out, failure to pay debts, or failure to carry out orders. Individuals on the Bad News List are subject to removal.
Sombra: Odelay holmes! You've seen Lobo?

Cartoon: Nah bro. And you won't be seeing him. He's on the Bad News List.

Sombra: Whad he do?

Cartoon: He didn't follow the Big Homey's orders! There's a greenlight on his ass!
by ZXY&ABC February 27, 2019

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The California Employment Development Department. EDD is the state agency that distributes unemployment benefits. EDD was also the title of a Nuke Bizzle song that celebrated defrauding the government of unemployment benefits. Mr. Bizzle (a/k/a Fontrell Baines) was federally indicted on fraud charges in October 2020.
Ex. 1

"I just got rich off uh EDD / I hit all that liquor cuz of EDD / And last night I was sellin' P / And I just woke up 300 Gs"

Nuke Bizzle f. Fat Wizza, "EDD," September 10, 2020

Ex. 2

Pone: Damn cuz! I just made 15 racks moving those yayo powder zips!

D-Rock: And there's a 50:50 chance you're gonna get caught up in some indictment. Them 15 Gs will be your first retainer with your lawyer.

Pone: You gotta a better hustle homey?

D-Rock: EDD fool! Just like the EDD song says, 'You gotta sell cocaine / I just file a claim'
by ZXY&ABC January 04, 2021

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A young homey from North Richmond, California. Young Narfers represent with New York Yankees hats and tattoos.
G Baby: Hey fool! I saw some bustas from Central Rich dippin' on D Block! They were dissin' Young Chewy and White Boi!

Black: Get the straps, son. You Young Narfers are gonna become Lil Hittas tonight!
by ZXY&ABC January 08, 2020

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A North Richmond, California street gang that originally began as a neighborhood baseball team in the 1980s. At its peak, Project Trojans had an estimated 300 members and controlled the cocaine, heroin, and meth trade in North Richmond. After a significant increase in violent crime in the 2000s, the feds cracked down, resulting in the formation of new gangs with different names (e.g., Swerve Team).
"The Project Trojans have controlled much of the drug trafficking within North Richmond for decades and have been the source -- directly or indirectly -- for much of the violence plaguing the community." San Francisco Chronicle, March 14, 2006
by ZXY&ABC July 25, 2019

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