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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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Three-digit code used by police to identify a robbery. Not nearly as popular among early 90s West Coast gangster rappers as 187, which was used by the LAPD to identify a homicide.
"Tried to set me up for a two-eleven, turned around and got caught up in a one-eight-seven." -Dr. Dre, "Let Me Ride"
by The Boston Rag February 27, 2005
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The mideval symbol for steel, used to signify Steel Reserve high gravity lager, usually served in the 40 oz variety. This shit gets you drunk.
"i took a 211 to the face and blacked out son."

"yo, lets go schmob on some 211s."
by Craw-Dazzle May 16, 2005
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Pronounced "Two Eleven"
1) Police code for a robbery
2) The second letter and the eleventh letter. BK, or Blood Killer. 311 is the opposite of this.
1) Radio dispatcher: We have a 211 in progress at the Circle K

2) We just call that badass Crip over there 211.
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010
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