A town of about 70,000 in California between Fremont and San Jose. Founded in 1954. Suburban gangs usually start in Milpitas and move on to San Jose where they can actually get into trouble. Too many po po in Milpitas for that.

North side: Freeways 680 and 880, several malls, bordering a large Target store (which is in San Jose actually). Not far from Berryessa and Piedmont Roads, with places to make out or score some stuff. (In San Jose). Great Mall located off Landess/Montague. Popular hang out. Dead party life after Midnight.

East side: Mostly houses, light industrial, tract homes and not much else. White or Asian population in nicer homes, the rest in less expensive homes. Piedmont Road, main vistas, pretty golf course, some mansions on the hill. Nice peach orchard. No night life at all.

South side: Golfland, Jacklyn road, Milpitas High. The athletic center of Ayer, other stuff.

West side: In the northwest you find Nubi Island which in the summer kicks off from Alviso (which is older) and it stinks badly. Milpitas High, the Trojans, Dixon Landing (where the dump is). McCarthy Ranch mall (west central area).

Central: City Hall, rebuilt in 2004, looks like a ship from the side, on Milpitas, new Barbera Lee senior center, new library on Main, the car wash kiosk on Main, post office, etc, and Savers. Calavares Blvd is main road. Abel rail overpass is famous.

Minority, whites, majority, Asians, Hispanics, Blacks.
Milpitas. city name. pronoun. place.

Beejee: Where can I score some JD in this town?
Mack: In Milpitas, any one of the liquour stores, or go across the border to SJ to that one by Target.

Beejee: How about some green?
Mack: You probably gotta go to Berryessa for that, three or four miles up Capitol from Great Mall. Ha. But that shit sucks.

Beejee: Thanks I think.
by afrokatty44 June 18, 2011
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A small town that serves as a speed bump between Fremont and San Jose.
A: Hey, what's the name of that tiny town in the middle of Fremont and San Jose?
B: I think it's called Milpitas.
A: Man, I hate how slow their local traffic is!
by Taishaku November 1, 2007
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The worst place to play DDR. Lines are large and I never got to play Initial D there. I prefer you go to Sunnyvale Golfland.
At MGL, 25 people were in line waiting to paly DDR. It took me 3 hours to get a turn.
by dj gs68 May 13, 2003
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I would also like to add that their stuff gets damaged. A lot. Recently, their Drummania machine has been breaking a lot, turntables have been removed from their Beatmania machine, and a button has been removed from their Guitar Freaks machine.
by dj gs68 May 15, 2003
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