In Vulgar Spanish "Cuche" translates to hog or pig.
"Im going to barbeque a cuche."
by Lord Rodericus July 31, 2003
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Northern Ireland talk foe cool, sweet,dead on or o.k. often used when stoned or drunk.
some guy:are you sweet?
me: im cuche
by Captain art April 7, 2005
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Someone who can stay up and party all night long and then wake up and take care of business in the morning.

Dude, I was partying HARD until four in the morning but showered and went to work for an eight o'clock meeting - cause I'm a Cuche.

Someone who engages in hardcore partying, including tons of alcohol, drugs, and sex.
1. "We're going to have so much fun tonight, I doubt we will even remember it. We're gonna party like cuches!!!"

2. "Did you see those guys? They went to 6 parties last night, came in trashed, and had 1 girl in each arm. I guess they partied like cuches."

Some one who chill enough to be called a cuche. you cant be a cuche if your not spontaneous.
Dude, those guys be cuches!!!
by zebant1 March 14, 2010
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1. Slang word for Vagina.

2. When two lesbians 69 eachother.
1. She let me fell her cuch the other day.

2. I was watching TV and I found a chanal woth two girls cuchin it out.
by JKD February 24, 2003
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Every not-sexist, gay, lesbian and transexual iconografy image.
San Sebastien is a international gay cuch.

Safo is a international lesbian cuch.

Madonna is a cuch of people who live free out of tradition
by The author of Cuch October 10, 2007
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When your being Karen’s son or daughter and not wanting to do something
There goes Ben being a cuch
by Suddu’s candy bag March 12, 2020
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An offensive term used to describe someone who annoys you regularly.
Do you always got to annoy me tommy? Your such a fucking cuche monkey thats why you can't get laid.
by Cris De La geeZy February 11, 2008
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