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1. The state in which something is described as optional, but is not actually optional, because it is expected you will cooperate. Failure to cooperate usually results in punishments or severe disapproval.

2. A term used to describe a task that you have been voluntold to do.
1. The boss said that the overtime has to be done, but it is a voluntary contribution they want everyone to make. It's cooptional overtime.

2. Person one: I heard you were given a cooptional promotion to the new job that has twice the work without twice the pay.

Person two : Yeah, I was voluntold to take the cooptional position.
by ZMan September 18, 2016
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1. A member of the church of promiscuity.

2. A religious, but promiscuous person.
1. Man: Hey, would you be interested in joining our church?

Woman: What church are you?

Man: We're promiscuitarians, the church of promiscuity.

Woman: I'm in.

2. Tim: Hey, you know Cathy?

Mark: Yeah.

Tim: I'm totally going to do her!

Mark: She's so uptight and religious, she'll never let you.

Tim: Yeah, it looks like that, but she's actually a promiscuitarian.

Mark: Sweet.
by ZMan March 2, 2010
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A man with a 10 inch sausage and the balls to back him in any endeavor.
I if were an Etling, it would be truly wonderful...
by ZMan March 5, 2005
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any time somebody does something ridiculous in there car. from turning, to parking, to backing, whatever
What the hell is that non driving bastard doing, I could park better then that blind folded!
by ZMan January 29, 2005
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To decide to avoid making a decision one way or another.
Girl 1: You coming to the movie with us?
Girl 2: No, she's coming to the club with us!
Girl 3: Umm, I need to think about this, I don't really want to have to choose.
Girl 1: She's just trying to sit on the fence.
by ZMan June 22, 2010
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Poetricate - verb:
The act of creating poetry as a thoughtful and concerted effort.

Past tense: poetricated
Noun: poetrication
Continuing/present tense: poetricating
Example: I haven't poetricated in a while.

Example: I think I feel the need to poetricate; it has been too long since I wrote a poem.

Example: "Hey, man, what are you doing?"

"Just poetricating."

"Sweet, can I hear some of what you wrote?"
by ZMan October 11, 2013
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v. - a severe and often extremely painful beating. Thus usually used only for intimidation purposes
ie.. "if you don't stop that shit I'm gonna jackslap you like a monkey"
by ZMan July 19, 2004
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