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A homosexual left out in the cold
It's cold out there, but don't let that queercicle in the car.
by Z January 18, 2005
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Porn on dialup.
Wait for it...
by z July 03, 2004
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Rolling On The Flor, Laughing My Ass Off.
Used instead of the out of date LOL.
rotflmao, that sucks.
by Z April 10, 2005
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Acronym for:
"Thank God it's Friday('s)"
Now a popular saying, marking the end of the working week and hence attempting to relate the consumer's happiness at the end of the week to going to TGI Friday's and celebrating the weekend.
"Hey, I've had a hell of a week, TGIF(riday); let's go to TGI Friday's and have some fun!"
by Z April 03, 2005
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To be camping or near a fire outside and the wind quickly changes direction blowing smoke and ash in your face.
SHIT! i just got ashfaced
by z March 19, 2005
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n. (slang) General term for venereal disease, esp. viral strains which cannot be cured.
I hear he's dating Amy now... I wonder if he knows she's got The Funk.
by Z December 22, 2004
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To instant message someone while they are typing, so that they begin typing in the window that pops up containing your instant message.
Jenny: ice day, Frank

Anna: Looks like I aimbossed you, pwnt!
by Z August 09, 2004
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