A day you get off of school because it's so cold that melted snow/rain turns into ice and its too dangerous to drive/ run the busses. It's common in Chicago suburbs.
-phone rings-

alex: "dudee why the hell are you calling me so early?!"

max: "Dude, no school! ICE DAY!"

alex: "for real?! Shit, I'm going back to sleep!"
by LMLYM7 July 06, 2008
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Everyday People can tk iced and we shouldn't feel bad because its a holiday and its funny
Pig Jesus-Hey dude I am pissed at iced lets tk him
Skim Milk Daddy-Hey its fine its national tk iced day
by Iced senpai May 09, 2021
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Its just that simple...Its the national holiday made official by George W. Bush in which everyone buys Mallory Richardson ice cream*. (Must be gluten free and preferably from Ben & Jerrys or Blue Bell which can be found at Russel Stovers).

*Will not be reimbursed but I will allow you to enjoy my company while I eat
Omg its Mallory's Ice Cream Day!! I better walk to Ben & Jerry's and get her some Cherry Garcia!
by Happy Ice Cream Day April 23, 2013
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National Long Island Iced Tea Day is celebrated on June 6th. On this day you must have at least one Long Island Iced Tea to celebrate.
Man I don't remeber what happened on National Long Island Iced Tea Day
by Juan Carlos Valdez July 10, 2008
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when we all cancel school because we saw an ice cube on the road
(Texas) ice day today, we're incapable of work.
by 💯💯💯 February 23, 2015
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