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A party major is a group of easy but expensive courses with no absolutely professional value. Lot of stupid American kids take these majors and then whine about not getting a real job. They stay with their parents and want the government to pay off huge student debts they acquire to do these party majors while indulging in a lifestyle of partying, drinking, fooling around. Examples of party majors include -

Political science, Drama and theater, history, fine Arts and art history, philosophy and religious studies, anthropology, music etc.

All the knowledge for these courses can be obtained without college by going to a library and having a passion for learning. Yet dumb kids go to college and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars they don’t have to do these foolish majors while not realizing that great artists, musicians, actors, philosophers didn’t become what they became because of a worthless degree.
Lisa: I flunked in math again.
Angela: really! I told you to stop fooling around and partying all the time.
Lisa: I can’t help it, I am too cool nerd.
Angela: well, you know you are not going to get a job if you don’t graduate with a real major
Lisa: that’s ok, I’ll major in a party major like Drama and theater, and if I don’t get a job after that I’ll get a nerdy sucker like you to pay for my college loan
Angela: FML, I slog all day, take hard courses, don’t party, make sacrifices and major in engineering and get a job and pay taxes and my student loan. But now I have to pay for Lisa and other idiots like her too! WTF!
by Yogibearsmartass July 26, 2019
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