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A run-down house or building in the ghetto, neglected on the outside to avoid attracting attention, but redone like the Ritz hotel on the inside. For rich people who don't mind living in the ghetto.
He drove his piece-of-shit car up to his ghetto palace, awaiting a relaxing game from his plush-leather recliner while sipping 1897 malt liquor.
by Z July 19, 2004

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A long "sweet" with a low drawal, possibly uttered while blazed or wasted.
"Damn that chronic was some swude shit."
by Z May 16, 2004

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When one passes wind into a persons mouth and then recieves the expelled gas through a kiss.
Man I need some mouthwash after that sow cow. I think she had tacos for lunch.
by Z February 23, 2005

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Abbrev. of the derogatory phrase "Chair-to-Keyboard Interface"; Used to clandestinely express that a computer problem was due to user error, or the fault of the user; A common source of computer problems.

Variation: "CKI" (or Chair-Keyboard Interface)

Related term: noob
The tech, after only a few minutes of work, figured out that the computer crashes were caused by the CTKI, and highly recommended replacing that defective part.
by Z June 15, 2004

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FFPC - Fatty Fatty Pork Chop

The fat sloppy secretary at work who pisses everyone off... yea you know the hoe who always fucks up shit steals food and is so slow and lazy you would rather work 4 hours later than ask her to help you out
Motha fucka FFPC ate everyones lunch out of the break room... guess we will be ordering out again...
by Z May 04, 2004

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noun: a girl (or a guy) at mardi gras who proceeds to use any means necessary to acquire beads. this will include flashing, dry humping, and almost anything in between.
That beadwhore just came up and flashed me for a bead.
by z February 24, 2004

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Rolling On The Flor, Laughing My Ass Off.
Used instead of the out of date LOL.
rotflmao, that sucks.
by Z April 10, 2005

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