When you Shepherd something, you accomplish something even though the odds were against you. This is a reference to the game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and in the game the main character, Soap, got stabbed by Shepherd with a knife and nearly died but was able to survive and kill Shepherd by throwing the knife inside him at his eye.
I know that the odds are against me but I gotta Shepherd this shit!
by YuOfTheNight November 23, 2019
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A man or woman who, on a night out with friends, chooses to stay sober or is made to stay sober for the care of rest of the group.
John had a rough night, spent acting as shepherd for five horny and drunken lads out on the town.
by JojoAgogo October 28, 2008
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One who is followed blindly by sheeple.
Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are all prominent shepherds.
by 19AndrewPF92 June 18, 2011
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someone who is a member of the furry community but not auctualy a furry. shepherds normaly have at least 1 close furry friend. theay are very protective and suportive of furrys in general
hey dude yesterday this troll was bullying me over my furry art project but a shepherd was walking by and threatened to pummel him if he dident lay off
by col.Sherman August 8, 2009
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A leader of education to a flock of student's, generally regarded as an expert practitioner in the field of education.
A shepherd, Can also be called a teacher or facilitator
by anon987654321 April 6, 2011
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