a man who just wanted some goddamn plums
bucky shall be protected under all costs and given the best plums
by wathurtbottle June 29, 2018
another word for "buckfast tonic wine"
heer m8 wanna go in n gitus a bottol a bucky
by Croney January 13, 2004
a system developed to increase the amount of THC contained in a single toke. It is made from a container of any kind (bucket) filled with water, and a bottle either with its bottom completely removed, one or more holes punched into it. The bottle is submerged and then a topper or bowl is put on the bottle. lighting the topper and slowly pulling the bottle out of the water will create a suction that pulls a much more potent amount of THC as fewer is lost then in other methods. i.e. bong, joint. the term is derived from the term bucket
by draperdunes September 21, 2009
drop the bucky and run, leng!(leng in this context another word for police)
by riz1don September 11, 2008
Another word for Northern Vietnamese; derived to describe northern dialect
Bucky's have a different language dialect as to southern vietnamese.
by Dich Moang October 23, 2003
Someone who is an extreeme buckfuck. A self-aware individual who despite knowing better, decides that they would rather be depravited than constructive.
by master pjesdrw34 February 15, 2018