24 definitions by Yet Another Josh Cohen

(Also lolcat.) A picture of a cat doing something seemingly-innocuous, with words photoshopped over the picture. Probably an offshoot of the orly owl.
"I see what you did there", "oh, hi, I upgraded your ram", and "aggressive cat is aggressive/defensive cat is defensive" are three popular cat macros.
by Yet Another Josh Cohen February 09, 2007
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(verb form) to turn a photo into a lolcat-style image
Oh, that looks just like Monorail Cat! Quick, cheezburger it so you can jump on the bandwagon!
by Yet Another Josh Cohen January 14, 2008
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The percentage number that indicates how nice someone's ass looks inside their pants, shorts, bathing suit, skirt, dress, or underwear. The closer to 100%, the better that ass looks. May be abbreviated as ATP.
"Denise always buys the pants that make her butt look perfect. Every day, she's got a 100% ass-to-pants ratio."
by Yet Another Josh Cohen November 13, 2007
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Bunch Of People Standing Around -- usually a good descriptor for still shots of political rallies, protest marches, and concert audiences.
Someone sent me a bunch of pics for the website, but most were BOPSA and I couldn't use them.
by Yet Another Josh Cohen September 21, 2007
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When driving a Prius, you can view a bar-graph of your fuel consumption over the past 30 minutes. A "prius tetris" is when you go five consecutive minutes (or more) at 99.9 miles per gallon. This shows on your bar-graph as a long, straight bar, similar to the four-high bars in Tetris.
No wonder you don't need any gas! You're always getting a prius tetris!
by Yet Another Josh Cohen March 10, 2009
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to shave off a beard that one has had for a very long time, surprising family, friends, and co-workers
Vicki: "Did you reboot your face or something?"

You: "I shaved off the beard two days ago. You just noticed?"
by Yet Another Josh Cohen January 23, 2008
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1. An outgrowth of the BDSM safeword, by which you arrange with a friend before meeting someone new that you'll call him/her at a certain time. If your friend receives this call, all is well. If your friend does NOT receive this call, it is the friend's sworn duty to call the police and report a problem. Very popular in a world where you meet someone from the internet who might be crazy.

2. A friend you can call when you want to evoid someone else. You can literally call and start a conversation mid-stream, and your friend knows what you're doing and plays along.
1. Herbert, you'll have to uncuff me so I can make my safe call.

2. It may sound weird when Susan's on the phone, but that's because I'm her safe call.
by Yet Another Josh Cohen October 28, 2005
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