An utterance made when observing another man talking to an obviously underage girl, passing by an underage girl, or in the general presence of underage girls.
Underage girl: "Tom, want to come to my high school field hockey game today?"
Tom: "Sure, I don't have a day job."
Tom's friend: "Click click."
by Don Caypunch October 25, 2007
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when shot's fired it's called click click. Or when someone
decides to shoot someone.
I'll click click your ass u fool!
by Mirkomol February 23, 2007
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hey did you see Ms. December in click click, she has a big ol plate in her lip.
by bill February 19, 2004
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Drop 80 big on a Lavey Craft boat, take it to the middle of Lake Mojave, and shut it off. Then try and start it up.
Shawn enjoyed a nice click click with his fiancé over the Cinco de Mayo weekend.
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A romantic connection with another person, commonly referred to as sparks, butterflies or fireworks.
After sleeping together for 3 months, Sara finally asked John if they were dating exclusively. John told Sara that while he enjoyed her company, he didn't feel the click click and didn't want to date exclusively.
by Coco Chanel 1984 May 5, 2008
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click click bang is a game where the person who is it, points at people in the group going "click, click, bang" or just "click" and "bang" in any order. When they're done, they say "Who died?" The first person to talk dies. You play until everyone knows how people die. Its really funny and really annoying.
Jess: Let's play click click bang! *pointing* "Click, Click, Bang, Click, Bang, Click, Click! Who died?"
Mary: "Um... Lea?"
Mary: "What? How??"
by thenamesjes December 31, 2007
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