a seemingly endless procedural crime drama that follows FBI profilers who offer pithy dialogue and morbid overuse of the word 'unsub.'
Criminal Minds hasn't been worth shite since Mandy Patinkin left.
by Shinya Kogami February 20, 2022
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best damn show in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best characters with the best chemistry between the cast members. it is a show about the Behavioral Analysis Unit (or the BAU) of the FBI. They travel all around the country offering their assistance to the local law enforcement who asks for help. They provide psychological profiles of the UnSub (unknown subject) who is committing the crimes in a certain area. Their profiles eventually speed up the process of catching the UnSub. Without the profiles, some UnSubs might never be caught. On CBS.
Did you watch Criminal Minds last night?

Yes it was so amazing! Prentiss is my idol. Her theory about the UnSub was totally right!
by SSA Emily Prentiss is my hero February 14, 2011
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What was once a very popular TV show about elite FBI profilers, now a common cultural reference to the 45th POTUS’s entire administration.
No, I couldn’t keep watching coverage of Criminal Minds, the daily newscasts have begun to wear on me to the point of causing a serious sleep disorder!
by Dr Bunnygirl October 16, 2019
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one of the best shows out there. it's creepy as shit and will make you crap yourself and have nightmares for weeks, but it's totally worth it. the fans are batshit crazy, they're worth dating but keep in mind they know how to torture and kill you in more ways than you can imagine. this show is not for the light of heart.
person 1: i watched criminal minds last night and holy shit !!
person 2: jEsUS CHRIST MAN R U OKAY??
by toyotatommo February 5, 2017
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(verb) To solve a mystery or a unknown situation with knowledge learned from the show Criminal Minds.
Garcia criminal minded the situation of her lost fuzzy pencil by recreating and reliving the time when she had it in her custody, therefore remembering where she put it and solved the mystery.
by BAUFBIJETS April 4, 2011
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One of the best channels on JTV. they play documentaries and movies about sick guys, most of them are serial killers
criminal mind lab channel
by andrezbeta March 2, 2009
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