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What appears to be a city away from the world-famous strip where people live, is in fact a very large Ed Hardy influenced gathering of tribal-tatooed, pierced/gauged-out douche bags/bagettes.

The day to day focus of life in Douche Vegas is to act as though you're the richest douche in town.

Douche Vegas's metropolitain area is a wasteland of lifeless plazas, saturated with smokeshops, nailsalons, and payday loan stores, to keep all the douches at their douchiest, by staying high all the time, to keep all the low-budget douches in the short trem credit trap, and to keep the douche bagette's toe's looking their best, since the bagette's official footwear is flip flops all year, rain or shine.

It's noted that the two happiest days of living in Douche Vegas for anyone other than a douche are the first and last.
If you aren't a well-to-do, rude, obnoxious, arrogant douche bag/bagette...or at least a blinged-out poser wannabe on dubs, take my word for it.....you don't want to live in Douche Vegas
by Worldhead November 30, 2009
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Prevalent in all the world, the survival instinct that is within all creatures is amplified into an urge to conquer, and/or destroy anyone and everyone to achieve one's goals, long and short-term.
This behavior is counteractive to any group or gathering that requires individuals to work together or be of like mind to have success in it's collective endeavors.
I Got Mine Theory Example #1
Typical Union Guy: Listen up Kid...You need to learn to shop the jobsite.

Green Union Apprentice: What's that?

Typical Union Guy: You see that pallet of scrap copper over there? I'm coming back after shift change to get that off the jobsite.

Green Union Apprentice: But if you do that won't it prompt the company to start searching us coming and going, drive up job costs for extra security due to theft and generally make us look bad as union craftsmen?

Typical Union Guy: F**k Em'.....I got mine.

I Got Mine Theory Example #2
Green Union Apprentice: If we weld all this solid won't it make it harder for the next guy to work in here?

Typical Union Guy: F**k Em'.....I got mine.
by Worldhead December 2, 2009
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Slang for beer, originating in the Glenville district of Cleveland, Ohio.
Last night me and the crew drank much guth.
by Worldhead October 19, 2009
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An original pimp steak is bologna, not a hot dog. Sometimes pimp steak refers to any lunchmeat.
What's for lunch? Pimp steak and cheese.
by Worldhead December 9, 2009
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An original-oldschool old-timer construction worker's term for lunchbox. During this era, dukies were made from tin, and the thermoses had glass liners in them.
As horseplay and pranks were overlooked on the job in the old days, a man's dukie was definitely off limits, as much as his vehicle, home and family, by (honor). Now, a guy wouldn't hesitate to steal your lunch or your meds, let alone your wallet or your phone if he had half a chance.....so much for (union brotherhood).....
by Worldhead November 12, 2009
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I shop the jobsite at least twice a week, and sell at fleamarkets on the weekends.
by Worldhead December 4, 2009
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The fundamental element of integrity that is missing from many of America's Union members, sadly and most commonly replaced by I Got Mine Theory.
Union Brotherhood has mutated into way too much hood, and not enough brother.
by Worldhead December 2, 2009
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