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Quit all this horseplay!
by Larstait November 17, 2003
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Tomfoolery; clowning; general jack-ass behavior. Upsetting to those who like peace and quiet and/or are old in age and generally angry or grouchy.
1. All these drunken fools running around....HEY! NO HORSEPLAY!

2. I want no part of the moshing in the elevator horseplay!
by Criscipline September 23, 2010
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Roughousing, sometimes mock-wrestling, usually between two boys of similar age. "Horseplay" at first glance looks like actual fighting or wrestling until the more playful "fooling around" element become visible, but horseplay sometimes can deteriorate into real fighting.

A Midwestern urban regionalism means the same but includes a "get your back" connotation: grabass. No one considers that homoerotic.
"I told you, boys, no horseplay standing in line. You're not getting into the theater if you don't stop fooling around like that."
by al-in-chgo August 18, 2010
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Verb. An idiom used to absolve one’s self from blame after nefarious acts; especially when the acts are criminal charges of child molestation and rape.
Jerry Sandusky on NBC News’ “Rock Center”, “We were showering and horsing around, and he actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor, and we were, as I recall, possibly like snapping a towel – horseplay,"
by J E Nelson November 15, 2011
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some madness down in the south side of Dublin. something mad is happening and the D4 lads and Southsiders are creaming themselves over it
person1: jesus did you see oisín over there drinking vodka and lemons
person2: absolute horseplay
by celtnash April 05, 2021
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When two or more male athletes wrestle while naked.
The parents had to wait outside the locker room for a very long time because of all the horseplay going on inside.
by JonRawlins November 18, 2011
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