31 definitions by Willis

Name given to any drink that sacrifices taste for potent alcoholic content...
Willis casually swigged the concoction unawares, as the others gazed in anticipation... On contact with the palette His lips retracted from the bottleneck- his face puckering up, contorted in a reaction of putrid disgust, as he recoiled back into his seat.

''Awwww that shits the nasty juice!!!''
he declared, before staggering to the nearest toilet.
by Willis April 3, 2003
this nigga is a hot rapper. hes the one no one notices. but when his solo shit drop..hes gone be wanted...for features that is
by Willis October 27, 2003
Welsh greeting meaning ''alright mate?''
''Aight buttie?'' beamed Dafydd, as his muscular arms smothered the sheep in a warm embrace...
by Willis April 3, 2003
R.I.P. 08-20-04
*sheds tear
by Willis August 19, 2004
A woman like man, over sensitive! Thinks he is gods gift to men
Look at that tramshed gobble that dick
by Willis February 6, 2004
Meaning that are aren't going to do something.
Mother: Randolph, take out the trash.

Randolph: Do crap!
by Willis February 4, 2004
Billy weighed 380 pounds, and he was a gff.
by Willis December 18, 2004