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I disagree with Dr.Murph... if Latin women were the hottest then there wouldn't be so many Latin men who hit on White girls & Asian girls, now would there?
Dr.Murph is a good example of a sick fetish having freak, who needs to realize there are beautiful women in every race... or maybe it's that other races don't give him the time of day.
by wiLLiS April 13, 2005
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What a lot of Engrish speaking Chinese say instead of Mr. Smith.
Heyro Meester Smeece; nice to see you again here in China.
by wiLLiS December 10, 2003
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Something that is royally messed up.

Derative of KEMPED
That ignorant fool shouldn't have tried to paint his car himself. Now it really looks KEMPKESTERED.

by wiLLiS August 7, 2003
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this nigga is a hot rapper. hes the one no one notices. but when his solo shit drop..hes gone be wanted...for features that is
by wiLLiS October 27, 2003
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A term used to mean a pal or close friend. Originally the term announced the ownership of a person of color.
Today -- "How are you my nigger?"
Then -- "How are my niggers?"
by wiLLiS April 12, 2005
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Name given to any drink that sacrifices taste for potent alcoholic content...
Willis casually swigged the concoction unawares, as the others gazed in anticipation... On contact with the palette His lips retracted from the bottleneck- his face puckering up, contorted in a reaction of putrid disgust, as he recoiled back into his seat.

''Awwww that shits the nasty juice!!!''
he declared, before staggering to the nearest toilet.
by wiLLiS April 3, 2003
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Topless Mudwrestling - Females only.
I went to a party the other day and a bunch of chicks were having a go at some muc'n'her.
by wiLLiS November 4, 2004
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