71 definition by William

Where you jam that stick.
"Mark, can you jam your stick up my faucet?"
by William June 05, 2004

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a horrible, preppy private school filled with snobby girls and preppy, goody two shoes guys.
hell with ralph lauren playing satan
by william January 20, 2005

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Sepuku is the act of commiting Honorable Suicide. A defeated samurai warrior would kill himself before allowing his opponent the honor of finishing him off. Also See: HaraKiri.
Defeated Samurai jabs his Tanto (The smaller of the two swords carried) into his stomach/chest.
by William March 10, 2005

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Was first bottled by lawers in 1899 by attorneys in Chattanooga.
Coke is better than Pepsi
by William November 25, 2004

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1.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; if you have it yuo have to do certain things or have weird thoughtts believe me, I have OCD. It is the worst disorder there is.
Becausean of my OCD I have weird thoughts about my birthday and constantly have these counting patterns.
by William June 11, 2004

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LBM is an acronym standing for Littlebigman. Littlebigman is a combination of symbolic words, little representing his phallic size, big denoting the size of his ego and man being a mockery of the lack thereof.
An LBM is a constantly talkative, girl-obsessed teen.
The LBM should be drug out into the street and shot after a very painful lovemaking session with a claymore antipersonnel mine.
<Eric> "Using a mobile phone can slash a man's sperm count by almost a third, new research suggests.
<Eric> A study found that radiation from mobile phones appeared to have a dramatic impact not only on numbers of sperm, but also their swimming ability or "motility".
<Eric> In both cases, levels were cut by about 30%. Reductions in sperm count and motility lower the chances of conception. "
--> Littlebigman has joined #hbo
<Konrad> Hey lbm, have a cell phone?
<Littlebigman> yah
<amaroq> thank god
by William October 29, 2004

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to act like a whore.
i got mad at my beoch because sh was acting hoeish at da club.
by william August 23, 2003

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