7 definitions by Whalee

Basically- The Essence of Evil.
Walmart should have their asses sued off
by Whalee June 11, 2005
To be without Alexis a.k.a Lex
“Hey man why the long face
I’ve been Lex Deprived recently that’s all”
“Sorry to hear that, we’ve all been there
by Whalee June 13, 2019
WilaWaka is the essnce of Pimp Gear. The term is not widely known but originated in the jungle in LA.
I got a nice peice of Ghetto Booty and i'm getting WilaWaka
by Whalee March 24, 2005
The Best Pimp Gear- No brand in particular, just the best, somtimes shortened to WilaWaka
I just went to the store player, now I got Wila Waka
by Whalee March 1, 2005
What people use or think of themselves to try to prove people wrong
by Whalee November 23, 2017
What retarded Dykes do when tryna get clout when they really just want they homies to notice them
No wonder why Alexis loves to whipdab
by Whalee January 30, 2018