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The Great Rahul (Peace Be Before Him), also known as the prince of peppers, the king of cucumbers, is superior being.
The Great Rahul (Peace Be Before Him) has a bag which is bigger than he is. This bag comes in handy when blocking corridors and/ or knocking people of their feet.
The Great Rahul (Peace Be Before Him) also has a nephew who goes by the name of Ben Twig (another superior being) who he keeps in his Big Bag.
"OMG, The Great Rahul (Peace Be Before Him) just defeated Shaggy in a pepper eating contest."
"The Great Rahul (Peace Be Before Him) just knocked me out of a window with his bag. Thankfully I had Ben Twig there to break my fall."
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 20, 2019
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Ronit is the literal definition of an Asian God
His power is so great that even when he fought Shaggy, Shaggy was forced to use 16% of his power to defeat him
Some may decribe Ronit as the only one who can defeat Thanos
"Oi blud, you seen Endgame yet?"
"Yeah fam, best part was when Ronit defeated Thanos"
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 20, 2019
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Somewhere at the start of Shrek 1, Donkey is being a dick and Shrek stars chatting shit about onions. He tells Donkey that "there is more to ogres than people think" and says that ogres are like onions, they have layers. This is called the 'Parable Of Onion'.

"Shrekism is a religion based upon the 'Parable Of The Onion'"

"Ogres have layers! Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers." - The Great Shrek (Peace be upon him).
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 6, 2019
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Jerk Off June is where you must masturbate as many times as possible every day in June.

There are only 2 rules which are:

-You must wank at least 4 times a day
-You cannot get caught
"Wagwan blud, you taking part in Jerk Off June?"
"Yeah fam, i've already got myself of today 3 times"
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 23, 2019
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Arkoday is a synonym for a Gypsy

When talking about and Arkoday, you will be referring to a short, Asian male (Male because that's what the doctors class him as).

An Arkoday has also lived in multiple countries and has parents who want him to be a doctor and have an arranged marriage to whoever they want him to marry, with him not being able to say anything about it.

An Arkoday also can be referred to as being a mentally unstable assassin who has escaped multiple mental asylums.
"Just had a doctors appointment with a depressed looking doctor. He was probably an Arkoday"

"That guy over there has lived in a dozen countries. I think he's an Arkoday"

Asian bride - "Dad, who am i going to marry?"
Asian brides Dad - "I don't know, I will probably find an Arkoday for you"
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 22, 2019
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Ben/Pope Ben Francais/ Benadick - These are just some other ways of referring to someone called Ben

Ben in today's modern society is described as being a Pink Guy
Ben can also be described as being the guy Americans carry around with them in their pockets
"Oi Benadick, get in my pocket"

"Father Ben Francais, I just burned down Notredame!"
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 23, 2019
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The term Billy can be used to describe someone who keeps on flexing, even when he doesn't mean to. It can also be used as a tier 4 insult to basically anyone
Group of girls chanting - "Billy, Billy, hasn't got much of a willy"
by Wagwan Bluuuud May 22, 2019
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