Rahul is an attractive personality both from heart and outer appearance. He is a loyal friend and a caring lover.... He has a good sense of humour ... Intelligence result out to be synonym for his name.. He is a man of high intimacy and romance...It takes time for him to get attached but once attached he will do anything for his love... In short he is the best creature you will ever meet
Ohh! That's Rahul, He is full of Intelligence.
by January 4, 2021
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Rahul is the biggest pimp known to man , every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him but he's loyal to the one he loves
I wish i could beat up G man like Rahul
by Soul paritosh June 13, 2020
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Have you ever had a guy just reach out and link his arm through yours, or throw his arm across your shoulders, making you feel totally safe, secure and loved? Maybe he squeezes a little too hard, pulls you a little too close. But you don’t mind.You feel loved, feminine in a primal way, maybe even swept off your feet. That's Rahul for you. A true blue Cancerian . The most incredible guy you will ever meet. .And when you do , you never wanna leave his Crabby Grip.
I love you so much . Yes you Rahul.
by Ravya June 6, 2016
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An Indian origin name. Derived from the name of Buddha's son, Rāhula. Rāhula means "fetter".

Rāhula was born on the day of Prince Siddhārta's renunciation, and was therefore named Rāhula, meaning a fetter on the path to enlightenment.
by Watchmakerfromthefuture September 20, 2020
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One who withholds a unusually high amount of raw, carnal sex appeal. Usually of Indian heritage, with a large, friendly family. There is also a high chance that a Rahul will play a high intensity sport such as Tennis, Squash or Water Zorbing. He will make you feel like a tiny, petite little teacup when he holds you in his big tanned arms. He is a deep thinker, electric guitar player and a dirty whore for some Radiohead and Susto. His ego is tremendously large, but that’s ok. He will be the corporate big banana one day and swim laps in cash and pussy. One of the best people you’ll ever meet. Look out for them. He’ll also steal your girl so keep her away or admit defeat.
I snogged Rahul yesterday, he’s so saucy.
Oh my god girl, you lucky teacup.
by bapsaurz December 20, 2020
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Term used in the incelosphere to describe the social equivalent of a Chad. Rahul is a term to describe very good looking indian males.
by I <3 SAY10 May 13, 2019
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He feels too deep, too much and for this reason he tries not to. What he shows for the world and what he would show for the one he loves is as different as day & night. When he hugs you and kiss your forehead you’d know that he would protect you from everything. He is the safe haven, he is the moon that keeps you stable, that keeps you solid and in return give him all the love and he will give you his soul. Rahul is very selective of who he shows his vulnerabilities and if he does that means you mean the world to him. Rahul, fiercely protective, has a great ass (wink wink), with a heart full of love and passion and a mind sharp as an obsidian knife blade. Always likes being active, likes his brain working, falls asleep though in a heart beat. Snores too even if he doesn’t admit but that makes you feel utterly doted on. Rahul is stubborn yet melts like the snow for you. Honest, caring, a gem.
Rahul is your guardian angel and he is loved & will always be loved.
by Reesha Kumari December 2, 2021
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