in June
in June
by Krkič April 18, 2019
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male or female child; young baby
Where's your june-june?
by Nelly April 16, 2004
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A person who has a pure heart. You believe in yourself and can do anything to achieve your goals if once decided. Sometimes you are a little bit lazy too . You are smart and loved by everyone. You are a very caring person and you love and respect to the people who are in your life. You are different from others in many ways but somehow it's better.
Juned , You are awesome!
by Realangelb June 2, 2019
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Is very beautiful from head to toe. She has natural beautiful hair. She usually has beautiful colored eyes but are only shown in daylight. Has a beautiful figure. Does not dress to impress so she wears anything comfortable but when needed can be very stunning in style. June has a pure and loving heart who tends to do things for people who do not deserve her aide. She is strong good-heart and overall is natural. However never make a June angry for she can go to extreme measures. Some may also call them crazy B****es. You never want to pissoff a june.Never underestimate a June. Junes will do anything to keep everyone happy even if it means self sacrifices.
A girl is randomly swearing : She must be A June
by tanielo1523 December 5, 2013
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The month where FlightReacts becomes a living legend. By June he will be more elite than Stephen Curry when it comes to basketball.

It is said that Demon Reacts will completely take over and flight will not be the same man you know now. He will be a 99 overall in irl basketball. He is already able to dunk but the problem is the cameras weren’t on. He will never lose an IRL basketball game ever again by June.
FlightReacts: Thats my type of layup, I’ll be doing that by June.
by Javontay April 21, 2020
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The month the hottest people in the world are born.
DAMN! i'm hot i was born in june!
by sdsadsddfgfddf22 September 7, 2008
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the act of getting your advances rejected by a girl harder than any girl has ever rejected you before. Having your hopes of going out with a girl crushed by that girl harder than an elephant can crush a cockroach. present tense "jun" other forms: jun'd.
Aileen juned the crap out of me when I asked her out, now I just want to die.
Of course you got juned by that hot girl; Have you seen yourself in the mirror?
by Edwin Mosquera March 8, 2005
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