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slang for sexually aroused
female - clothes = horny man or lesbian
by Vinnie February 26, 2004

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humorous doctor from loveline, very cool and informative and intelligent
"Dr. Drew in the hizzie!!!"
"I am a rapist"
"you're fat, you're overweight"
"are you Mormon?"
by vinnie January 20, 2005

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Originating from the Warcraft computer games; Taurens are extremely large cow-like people. Tauren as an adjective is used similar to 'massive' or 'enormous'; it can be used to describe anything that is larger than ordinary.
"I am tauren in the pants."

"I just chucked a tauren dump."

by Vinnie May 14, 2006

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Those chips are the tits!
by Vinnie March 14, 2004

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The plural form of house
"Hey, that's a nice row of hice"
"Fckgw, check out them hice over there"
by vinnie February 03, 2003

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Searching through the cables behind your computer(s) for lost cables, plugs or small children.
"Fckgw... I dropped my cat5e... time to go cable diving"
by vinnie December 18, 2003

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Taurens are huge, half-bovine half-men in the Warcraft video games. The term 'tauren in the pants' refers to two things; a man having either a very large penis, or being excessively hairy in the pubic area. Originated from assumptions that taurens encompass both of these things.
"You know, dude, you really are a douche."
"Yeah, well, at least i'm tauren in the pants."
by Vinnie March 13, 2006

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