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A testicle
Ow my gf bit my left fuckbean.
by Vinnie March 09, 2004
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An expression of humour, often wry in nature. Used in a similar context to 'lol' yet is somewhat more stylish.
Idiot: "your a retard"
Reply: "Lollerberries... nice work, try you're next time"
by vinnie November 10, 2003
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Depending on context, may mean either 'line for brothel' or 'you may require being sexually assulated before you rejoin the human race'.
"Frankly, I'm tired of your whinning attitude and outright lies. Fuqueue"
by vinnie April 25, 2003
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A person who comes to a LAN party unprepared by either not bringing a computer that is sufficient to play the games of the night, or not bringing a computer at all. these people then ask if they can play just one life on someone elses computer, then they end up playing on someone elses computer for a long time.
man, bob is such a lan leech, this is the third time he diddnt bring his computer. he's been on mine for an hour now.
by Vinnie April 03, 2003
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Shortened form of "I have a cookie that says...", meaning that you are betting a cookie that the statement following is true.
Cookie says that will rain tommorow.
by vinnie September 30, 2006
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Run by t3h most 1337 bitchez and ho's online, toataly nigga.
Cool Empire Earth Aeon iz back up.
by vinnie August 03, 2004
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damn itialian bastard who gambles way too much..
vinnie "the paisan" pizutelli
by vinnie January 10, 2005
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