A word used by chemical engineers when referring to "quasi techs" during an impotent internet tirade.
"Is whinning about someone elses whinning considered.......ah......whinning?" Quote from 'actual' chemical engineer. (How did the fool get through university)
by colin86 November 3, 2007
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a win because of some reason which is at first undefined to the whinner, but then comes to light.

In forum debate situations, both parties must at first be unaware of the reason(s) in order for the whin to be valid.

See also: phail, whail
Oh, sweet! This app has autocorrect! Whin!

I knew I was right. Total whin!
by sheepdog91 October 4, 2010
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What all the assholes say to eachother when they get happy.
Dillon:"OHHH WHINNNN!!!"
by dujjsfjksfhjsf September 23, 2008
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