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The accomponing acronyms\synonyms\related words that are now required with every UD word {five minimum}. First applied to this site at around mid August of ’05.
The below Tags for this word are ‘Tag’, ‘Definition’, ‘Example’, ‘Word’, ‘UD’, ‘Urban Dictionary’, ‘author’, ‘related’, ‘date’, ‘name’, ‘Location’, and ‘info@urbandictionary.com’.
by Victor Van Styn September 30, 2005

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"Boo-yah!!!", but spelled like how it is pronounced: "BEW-yaw".
“BOOJA, in jo FACE, ju salty mo‘er fucker ju!!!”
by Victor Van Styn August 09, 2005

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You will find a ‘Sticky Topic’, generally called a ‘Sticky’, at the top of a message-board, usually containing pertinent information or Q&As to previously over-asked questions, for sake of keeping the board running relatively smoothly. On some-sites' boards, it is required that as a new user you read the Sticky rules by clicking into the Sticky Topic before posting, so as to dissuade spam posting and such. Note that there can be more than one Sticky Topic for any given board, though usually one alone covers all utmost essential info that need be said.

Also to note, the word ‘Sticky’(the more abundant form of the word ‘Sticky Topic’) can act as a past-tense verb or as a past-participle by adding a ‘'d’ to ‘Sticky’ (‘Sticky'd’). Usually transitive. Can also be a present-tense verb, appearing the same as its noun form (‘Sticky’). ‘Sticky Topic'd’ is not an actual word, but people would know what you meant if you used it.
GF User 1: Hmmm, you just answered all of main noob questions in one post.. Maybe you should petition\vote for it to be Sticky'd!! :^) Toget,toget. . .

GF User 2: Yeah, we should have atleast *one* Sticky Topic for such a large board, anyways. . .
by Victor Van Styn October 16, 2005

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The oldest, most powerful, jedi ever Yoda is. Not to mention cooler.
Awesome, Yoda is teh.
by Victor Van Styn August 26, 2005

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Despite popular belief, dislexia is not the mental transposing of letters (i\e seeing\spelling dislexia as ‘dilsexia’). It is a disorder of the brain. Those with dislexia have a hard time working-out syllables, simple ones. It is nothing to be laughed-about, you ass-wipes.
Simple printed words like ‘elephant’ or ‘rhinoceros’ or ‘dislexia’ can be hard to sound-out for dislxics. "Di..Die-slex...", et cetera. It’s fun to pretend like you are dislexic..
by Victor Van Styn August 26, 2005

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Lower-Middle Class; used by snobbs.
Oh, lookie at zat LMC girl .... Let’s point and laugh at ’er!!!
by Victor Van Styn August 25, 2005

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part of speach: noun
plural form: n00bs at life

one who refuses to learn from or take the advice of his\her elders or those whom hold more wisdom or are more knowledgable when it comes to ane specific field or category of experience, or who is simply too hard-headed to apply his\her peers’ successful actions/conduct to his\her-self; one who is too stubborn to grow much as a human, who will oft decline him\herself the right to learn from his\her past experiences, and who will seldom accept things in any way that isn’t to the standard that s\he is used to or has been led to believe priorhand/previously (even if it lacks evidence or support to back it up), who may try too steadfast not to lose face when proven wrong; linear. Oftentimes agnostic on a level deeper than the thought of ‘God’ (which, when on a deeper level, is a bad thing, because it illustrates lack of true taste/perception or knowledge of the surrounding world as perceived by the n00b at life).

See also n00b, which is different than a 'noob'. (A noob reffers more to a ‘newb’, or ‘newbie’ at something{specifically a videogame}, whereas a 'n00b' can be anyone who..well I’m not suppose to define 'n00b' here, but just note that even vets can act n00b-ish at times.)

Compare 'n00bs at life' with the '‘élitistDemocrats' who THINK that they’re über-the-shit and clearly demonstrate their ‘superiority’ towards the rest of the population.
"Having a n00b at life for your mother really bites. But to have a n00b at life for your father is a plain-out atrocity (especially if you are a male, though is equally conductually imparing to a daughter)."
by Victor Van Styn July 29, 2005

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