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Another way of expressing "sure thing".
Yeah shur-thang, Mick. I’m down wih dat. I’m ’hind you all th‘way...
by Victor Van Styn September 27, 2005
the politically correct form of 'waiter'\'waitress'
Hello--I’m Morgan, and I’ll be your server tonight!
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005
See also: effin, effin', f'ng, f'n, F-ing

Derivative of the word ‘fucking’, 'effing' means litterally ‘F-ing’. You may see it used on a message board where derogatory words (such as the f-word) are not allowed, to take the place the un-allowed.(Note that on sites such as GameFAQs, this is known as censor bypassing, and you most likely will get modded for it, whether be by a nobleman or some n00b merely&purely because s\he can.) It is, however, its own, unique word, seperate from ‘fucking’ or ‘f'ing’ or ‘F-ing’ in its entireity.

The reason that "I'm late for class"'s definition of this word has received such low ratings is for the fact that s\he acted as a ‘language elitist’ and instantly put the word down, when in actuality s\he did not know the etymological origin of the word and whe\how\under what contexts.. it is generally used.
"Geez, get off my effin' case!!"
by Victor Van Styn July 30, 2005
what Donald Duck says to Goofy Dog.
Goofy: Gawrsh.

Donald: Awh, shuddup you big Palooka!!
by Victor Van Styn July 22, 2005
‘page #__’. Spelled also as ‘pg.’ or ‘pg’. Otherwise always followed by a period. Plural form: pp.(‘page numbers__-to-__’\‘pages suchnsuch-to-suchnsuch’) or ‘pgs’.
Her Algebra I homework was to solve math problems #s 1-20 even on p.34 and 19-35 odd on pp.35-36.
by Victor Van Styn October 2, 2005
A German letter-character which, despite its size, could be considered as always ‘lowercase’ since it never *starts* a word and stands in only its one form, ß.
The ligature ‘ß’ is k’rrectly ASCII'd\ASCIIfied into either:

‘ss’, which is pronounced as ‘'s'-set’ or ‘double-'s'’_character;

or ‘sz’, which the ligature *orinally* represented, and is pronounced as ‘'ess'-'tset'’. (In german, the letter ‘z’ is pronounced as ‘tset’, and in words usually like English ‘piZZa’ or ‘TSunami’, with a ‘ts’ sound.)

That is to say, the German word ‘Tischfußball’ which means ‘table soccer’ or ‘foozball’.. can be spelled-out as ‘Tischfussball’ also. Note that the German's ess-tzet{ß} has officially been abandoned a lot of places in that it is no-longer used in transactions and business et cetera. Note also that it is *never* used in a compound noun where an s-ending of one word and s-beginning of the next exists.
by Victor Van Styn August 21, 2005
German pronoun for '{formal}You'.
'Sie' is pronounced like 'zee'.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005