115 definition by Victor Van Styn

German pronoun for '{formal}You'.
'Sie' is pronounced like 'zee'.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005

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An acronym whore is someone who uses acronymized words in real life too much.
"Pass some LBZ, wouldjuh?" inquired the acronym whore.

When you start hearing "lol, jp" in daily life, beware..
by Victor Van Styn September 25, 2005

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’Tis a horizontal ellipsis. Often used at the end of a body of quoted text to designated the trailing-off end (where the relevant part stops), or sometimes to represent something in the middle which had been ommited in-order to crop-down, shorten, the text formerly containing a few ‘filler’ words. Incorrectly, instead the manual tripple-dot{...} which consumes more width might proceed or take the place of such excerpted text; the reason that the official horizontal ellpisis{…} is correct in the case of quoting whereas the tripple-dot{...} is not.. is that the person whose words were pulled may actually *have* had a clause in it, which should be represented rather by three manual dots{...}, so as to elminate any confusion one should experience when reading, as well as protect one's piece from more- conceivably possible plagiarism.

See also: ..., .., . . ., ], comma\,, ampersand\&
When the mayor declared that the town was making ‘noteworthy improvements’ after having said that if we don’t “take care of our deficit problem … within two weeks, then we’ll have to {vote on} some services to deduct or taxes to add,…” less than a month ago, many residents hoorayed joyously.
by Victor Van Styn August 31, 2005

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what Donald Duck says to Goofy Dog.
Goofy: Gawrsh.

Donald: Awh, shuddup you big Palooka!!
by Victor Van Styn July 22, 2005

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liquor in the form of beer consisting of 3.2% alcahol. Use to be legal in the States for people over sixteen years of age to consume if not in large quantities per sitting.

Synonyms: 3.2, 3.2 beer, 3-2 beer, three-two, three.two beer, et cetera. . .
Hmm, I think Imma have some three-two beer...
by Victor Van Styn September 03, 2005

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a phrase difficult to say aloud correctly, and is thus heard as ‘wanna’.
Try to say the sentence “I do not not want to eat it.” korrectly; in order to do so, you will sound nasaly, sort-of like a stuck-up French person. Just be sure that y‘are not actually saying ‘wants to’. If you say it too many times, your ‘d’ in ‘do-not’ starts sounding different.
by Victor Van Styn August 26, 2005

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A dumbass illiterate spelling of too, to, too, two, 2, and tu-tu.

Often means ‘too’, in the sense of ‘also’ or ‘as well’.
I tew would like tew tewtews tew wear d’ring my play# tew!!

Aww, I wuvv yew tew!!
by Victor Van Styn August 09, 2005

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