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The oldest, most powerful, jedi ever Yoda is. Not to mention cooler.
Awesome, Yoda is teh.
by Victor Van Styn August 27, 2005
’Tis a horizontal ellipsis. Often used at the end of a body of quoted text to designated the trailing-off end (where the relevant part stops), or sometimes to represent something in the middle which had been ommited in-order to crop-down, shorten, the text formerly containing a few ‘filler’ words. Incorrectly, instead the manual tripple-dot{...} which consumes more width might proceed or take the place of such excerpted text; the reason that the official horizontal ellpisis{…} is correct in the case of quoting whereas the tripple-dot{...} is not.. is that the person whose words were pulled may actually *have* had a clause in it, which should be represented rather by three manual dots{...}, so as to elminate any confusion one should experience when reading, as well as protect one's piece from more- conceivably possible plagiarism.

See also: ..., .., . . ., , comma\,, ampersand\&
When the mayor declared that the town was making ‘noteworthy improvements’ after having said that if we don’t “take care of our deficit problem … within two weeks, then we’ll have to {vote on} some services to deduct or taxes to add,…” less than a month ago, many residents hoorayed joyously.
by Victor Van Styn August 31, 2005
Acronym from 'Daily Oral Language', where you correct sentences so’s that they make sense.
When I was doing DOL in the 8th grade last year, one of the sentences I corrected I did so by adding an em-dash(—)——and it fit in context as a clause divider quite right, mind you——but they were all like "...what?". Yet now that I'm in big ole highschool, the tell you specifically *to* use it...pffft. I knew what I was talking ’bout back then, damnit!!
by Victor Van Styn October 16, 2005