DAMN i was on, no wonder i slept with the bitch!
by G-Ci April 12, 2009
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To hold, or possess drugs that you are willing to sell.
"Are you on?"
"Is Sampson on?"
"I'm on at the moment"
by Diego June 23, 2003
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1. To engage in certain conduct, behavior, activity with a conviction of progress, success, or moving forward.

2. An Affirmation of becoming.
1. I'm going to get my groove on tonight.

2. I want to get my learn on, so I'm going to college.

3. I'm about to get my grown man on because I'm becoming a daddy.
by Spnish Shaft March 9, 2008
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What happens when someone dances at you, and you dance back.
"It's on!"
"No, it's not on."
"Oh, it's on!"
by Jonah Rowley November 13, 2004
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Another way to say a girl is on her period. I dislike the word period. I dislike the word menstration. And guys do too. So...just say, "She's on".
What's wrong with her?
She's on.
by Ms. Funty January 25, 2008
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no is on backwards sdawkcab no si on
by Can of Worms November 8, 2006
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on, to mean the time when our female counterparts become a ferocious member of the animal kingdom. It usually results in the male being unable to do anything correct, and being told so in a blunt and harsh manner.
Woman: Would u clean them damn plates.
Man: It ok, shes just on
by Mark D June 14, 2004
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