1) something or someone affirmed or true; "the real deal."

2) a leader or boss that is looked up to.
Yeah, you got a felony
but you ain't a predicate -
never the king of New York,
you live in Connecticut.
-Jadakiss to 50 cent (Checkmate)
by Peter Parker March 22, 2005
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Short for when one is in a predicament, commonly used with Animals in Predicaments.
ARTICLE "Guy decides to feed a stray dog but the dog decided not to eat the food and bring it somewhere else"
*family provider predic*
by Daniella Violet September 24, 2018
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I can't believe she wants to meet you at a fancy hotel... could she be more predic?
by CFCook September 15, 2009
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A person, regardless of where their beliefs in politics land, left, right and possibly center; predicate their political beliefs before their personalities and before speaking with their hearts. Will also ruin people's lives and/or careers assuming they (the person whose lives and/or careers are being ruined) do not share the same opinions they have.
Jerry was mad at the general state of people nowadays, what with a good number of them being Predicated Political Predators.
by Kola17_97 June 4, 2019
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