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See also: effin, effin', f'ng, f'n, F-ing

Derivative of the word ‘fucking’, 'effing' means litterally ‘F-ing’. You may see it used on a message board where derogatory words (such as the f-word) are not allowed, to take the place the un-allowed.(Note that on sites such as GameFAQs, this is known as censor bypassing, and you most likely will get modded for it, whether be by a nobleman or some n00b merely&purely because s\he can.) It is, however, its own, unique word, seperate from ‘fucking’ or ‘f'ing’ or ‘F-ing’ in its entireity.

The reason that "I'm late for class"'s definition of this word has received such low ratings is for the fact that s\he acted as a ‘language elitist’ and instantly put the word down, when in actuality s\he did not know the etymological origin of the word and whe\how\under what contexts.. it is generally used.
"Geez, get off my effin' case!!"
by Victor Van Styn July 29, 2005

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An attractive woman who a guy wants to get to know. Often considered offensive by the females, unless you’re from another century.
"Holy mother of Pearl, look at that fine dame over there.."
by Victor Van Styn August 05, 2005

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The meanest, most aggressive, most intimidating little damn ferocious best-like dog that ever was created.
That cute lil' chihuahua of yours gave me a scar!!!!
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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Deriving from ‘have to’, or ‘have+{infinitive}’ broken down into ‘have+to+{verb}’ but minus the verb, ‘hafta’ works as a verb-modifying adverb taking the place of the modal-auxilary ‘must’ which means literally ‘to be required to __’. In colloquial speech (as opposed to ‘formal speech’ under which you would not use this word{hafta}}, it means simply to have a strong desire towards, or want for, doing {something}, with the ‘something’ usually seen through the eyes of the speaker as a *necessity* (even if in actuality it is no more than icing on the cake).

Synonyms: haveto, have to, must, ’ve to, oughtta{ought to}, wanna\wanta{want to}, gotta{got to}

See also: musta\must’ve(must have..not nonsensical ‘must of’), shoulda\should’ve{should have..not nonsensical ‘should of’}, ta\tta, -ta\-tta, t‘be
spoiled teen: I just *hafta* have it!!

"I hafta go now.. Talk t‘ya later."
by Victor Van Styn August 12, 2005

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1. ‘is\are\am not equal to’


2. ‘is\are\am not the same as’

(See also: <, >, =, ^)
1. Kirbymak239 =/= Kirbymac293

2. the '=/=' denotation, used primarily by GF'rs, =/= the mathmatical sign '&#8800;' which is a non-ASCII-appropiate character and hence why it is not displayed here
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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Translating from Germain litterally as "Oh my God!". Note the backthroat sound in ‘ach’, same as in ‘ich’, ‘Loch Ness Monster’, and similar to ‘Chanukah’(note the 'C'). Like 'Kahnukah' though without the full 'K'..
“Ach mein Gott!!” Herr Scholtzer exclaimed.
by Victor Van Styn September 04, 2005

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by Victor Van Styn September 19, 2005

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