..is a mixture of ‘eh’ and ‘uh’.
"So, euh,..What now?"
by Victor Van Styn August 7, 2005
The vowel used to pronounce lone consadants like M (euhmmmmm), N (euhnnnnn), and L (euhlllll). The symbol for an "Euh" is a sideways lowercase e.
by MpegEVIL July 13, 2011
My weird friend does this when when he hits his friend and when he naruto runs in the shadows...
*Distant Euh in the background

Leah: what is that noise?
Sam: I think it is Christian naruto running while Euhing...
Leah: Run...
by Antipope23 November 28, 2019
A very strange dutch weblog that posts experiments instead of text.
by Julian Hyde August 9, 2007
A word used when sevearly freaked out.
Add more h's depending on how scared you are.
by chooker mongionie October 10, 2003
Exclamation deriving from early roots of blackmetal music.
Circle of the tyrants, EUH!
by jeuhrn November 14, 2004