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German pronoun for '{formal}You'.
'Sie' is pronounced like 'zee'.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
A phrase that Snoop Dogg originally sung in the song labelled such, ascending on the word hot'. Due to the hillarity in the way it sounds, it just makes rap-type music sound inane. It is fun to say though.
by Victor Van Styn September 23, 2005
in short, it reads across as ‘one-hundred percent’, meaing ‘the most’.

1)full effort; all; maximal exertion (as applying to a sport, usually)

2)completion (commonly of a particular RPG):
a in utterly the sumpremest, truest sense of the word;
b. virtually, or for intensive or practical purposes (can vary)

Note that that the second use of ‘100%’ can serve as many parts of speach simply by adding a different suffix.
{100% = completion to the fullest extent}
100%ly = adverb
100%'r or 100%er = person (noun)
100%'d or 100%ed = past-tense form of verb (usually transitive)
. . . and so on . . .
1) The football coach told us not to give our 100%, but to give him our 110-or-112%.

2) Mike thought th't he 100%'d his video-game savefile, until he later found out, became aware, of everything he missed, at none other than the GFs messageboard, at which point he displayed himself as a genuine n00b.
by Victor Van Styn October 14, 2005
A message-board'r who tries best at provoking another user or users of the shared message-board terminal into flaming him\her{the troll} or a third user, frequently so as to cause the potential flamer to get marked. Common occurence on certain GameFAQs(GF) boards.
user1: <sarcasm> Oh, how ever could I have been SO incompitent in regarding this field of knowledge to which you reign the supremest of all?? </sarcasm>

user2: Stfu you little troll .. Return whence the bridge in-which you reside!!!

*Less than two hours later, both messages are deleted by a message-board moderator, and both users receive a violation notice, accomponied by a slight deduction of Karma per each(both the troll and the flamer).*
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
To, from, on, et cetera.
“A preposition is something you shouldn’t end a sentence with.”
by Victor Van Styn August 7, 2005
part of speach: adverb


See also “I second that.”
"Yes, I agree with you 100%ly on that."
by Victor Van Styn August 3, 2005
short for \ shortened from \ shortened version of the prepositional phrase ‘on {TV}’ or ‘on {TV network-X}’. Preposistion used as a present-tense_particple-type adjective in sentences that answer or pose (dependent on whether the sentence is declarative or interrogative) the question as to ‘*When* {<a designated program> is on <television>}’.

This is an example of a shortened version of something which is repeatedly said over-and-over in English; another example is the ommition of 'that' or 'which' in the sense of “Why is it, that you always seem to be attracted the to food *I* like?”, which actually means “Why is it, that you always seem to be attracted the to food that\which *I* like?” Not exactly the same are these two, though similar enough to be compared, I feel.
Q: When is Family Guy on?
A: Family Guy is on FOX every Sunday at 9:00PM EST.

Person flipping through the satelite\cable\subscription tv channels, changing it at intervals of exactly two seconds: “Ugh, nothing good is on...”
Annoyed endurer: “There’s 999 channels to choose from!!--Pick one!!!”

Note: The above sentence breaks a rule as disregarded as split infinitives, ending a sentence with a preposition. It could be fixed to “There's 999 channels from which to choose!!--Pick one!!!”, though sounds awkward and stilted in such a form, even on a non-colloquial level.
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005