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just playin, ppl usually use this when on the internet
synonym :jk (just kiddin)
jackass_fo_life4325: yous a ho bitch, back up!
chick0102: fuck u nigga!
jackass: u no im jp
chick0102: oh ok is all good
by anonymous December 29, 2003
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an abbreviation for John Paul, John Patrick or John Peter,
also, usually a good looking guy who gets all the ladies, also look under athletic, handsome or charming,
Im going to name my son JP so he can grow up to be President
by ile December 01, 2007
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a sweetheart, an angel, patient and kind, quick witted, sarcastic and a blessing to anyone lucky enough to have them in their life.
what a jp, when did he get in from heaven?
by mari December 28, 2004
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Also known as Jameson by his Irish parents. He is a huge flirt, and can’t help but stare at any girl named Abigail. He thinks that tapping girls on the shoulder is flirting and making himself available, but it’s incredibly irritating. Won’t shut up about popularity when he’s with people not from school, but we all know it’s a lie. Claims he has straight A’s but he’s a C type of kid. He whispers and giggles creepily behind girl’s backs. Nasty! Least photogenic person ever...always leaves a seat open next to him on the Metro with the hopes of an Abigail, but is just denied and becomes another one of her trolling victims.
JP is a fugly bitch and should be in Mean Girls.
by Dora the Destroyer January 01, 2018
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