When a girl "forgets" to tell her male friend that she is on her period, then forces him to eat her out by sitting on his face!

Lisa: I was really pissed at James last night, so I fruit punched him.
Sara: Ewwwe what a loser, he probably deserved it though.
by youknowyoulikeit March 1, 2009
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a drank consisting of belevedere vodka and cranberry juice
I went to da club and ordered some fruit punch!
by Emcee Common April 20, 2007
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When a guys dick is so big that it looks like a fruit and he fucks a girl "short and sweet"
I heard that joey did a fruit punch on morgan last night!!!
by mwiz March 5, 2015
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womna having period; same as other. Please note creamed fruit punch, which happens when you top off the plate with cottage cheese(not real cottage cheese, dumbass)
wow. my slut was having her period and i knew just what to do.
by horny Abe February 4, 2004
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The term "Fruit Punch" refers to when a girl gets fisted when she is on her period.
--Carol limps into the room--

Marge: What happened to you?

Carol: I got fruit punched last night!
by cherrycobbler December 5, 2008
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If a girl is having her period during sex, get a plate and let it drip onto the plate. Then take a piece of dental floss, dip it in the blood on the plate, shove the dental floss in your dick hole, and let the woman take the other end of the dental floss out of your asshole.
Last night I was fucking my woman, when she had her period. I knew just what to do. FRUIT PUNCH!
by CHODE_MASTA_X July 26, 2003
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