A word used to show excitement, originally by surfers, but now used by non-surfers. It's an onomatopoeia (word that sounds as it's spelled).
"Yew! nice wave!"

Dick: "I got the concert ticket."
Johnson: "Yew, you're stoked!"
by dino dewey January 4, 2011
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A word or sound made when exited.

Also a surfy turm for awsome.

or another form of the word "you" which stupid twats use because it is the same amount of letteres as you so your not exactly saving any time in typing "yew"
*scores a goal in soccer*
goal scorer: YEEEEWWW!!
chick: omg! lYk yew r SoOo rad
person: stfu.
by chloee April 4, 2007
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Any of several poisonous evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Taxus, having scarlet cup-shaped arils and flat needles that are dark green above and yellowish below.
Yew tree r cool, dont you agree
by bobie November 14, 2004
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an annoying way to say "you" which is rather pointless as it doesn't take any less time and makes you look like a complete prick.
Mainly used by chavs or scene kids as for some reason they are unable to talk normal.
laura - LAWL YeW R S000Ooo0 Funne yh.
me - die.

by bridget wtf. March 19, 2007
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an annoying and completely pointless way of saying 'you'. mainly used by scene kiddies who think that spelling mistakes are cute. other annoying and poinless words include corrrr, phit, yumm and over using letters, eg. "corrrrr yewwww ar phitttt!"
so irritating! get a dictionary why dont yew? oh wait...
scene kid pic commenting- "heww, yew look loverlyyy boyyyyyy, zomggg so phitttt!!!"
by smileybum May 21, 2008
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1. a word used as a greeting in various cornish places, usually replacing hello.
2. a word used to describe excitement, or covering up disappointment
"yew boy, what's on cock?"
"man i just got punched in the face, yewwww"
by baldddd August 16, 2008
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