An over-exaggerated sneeze, usually including excessive noises, movements, and the knocking of things over.

Disturbance of regular life is common with sneizures.
Guy 1: Hey man, ah... Ah. AHHH. CHOO CHEE AHHHS CHIII AIIIIGHHH CHI! *Flail*

-dog falls to it's knees-

Guy 2: Dude... Cover that Sneizure. You killed my dog.
by sirgabathauhleeuh July 9, 2009
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Person 1: Ahhh chu!!!!
Person 2: dude, that was loud.
Person 1: I think I just had a sneizure (proceeds to blow nose in pain).
by Velosarapture August 4, 2014
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It's when somebody sneezes so violently and so often, that it appears as though they are having a seizure.
" I watched my little cousin sneeze so many times last night, that I thought he was going to hit the floor and have a sneizure! "
by akendall August 29, 2009
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Often confused with a seizure or panic attack, a sneizure is a series of short sneezes that occur one after the other, somewhat resembling a seizure. Once eight sneezes have occured sequentially, it is said to be the equivalent of an orgasm.
by Han_Gran March 11, 2011
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1. Sneezing so violently it causes you to shake, making it look like you are also having a seizure.

2. Sneezing and having a seizure at the same time.
I move a lot when I sneeze and it looks like I'm also having a seizure.

That sneeze was a sneizure.
by Neith January 31, 2011
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An instance in which one person sneezes repeatedly for a large amount of time, usually resulting in annoyance from all surrounding parties
1: OMG did you hear her story?
2: No, I couldn't hear anything! She was impossible to hear during her sneizure.
by Liliane January 31, 2009
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Rapid sneezing - Having a sneeze attack - Several Sneezes back to back...
During pollen season I have reoccurring Sneizures, sometimes lasting more than a minute.
by Frecklepants April 13, 2015
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