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A plant (cannabis sativa) that is commonly used for human bodily consumption.
Often smoked in things such as a water pipe (bong, zong or bubbler), regular pipe, oxygen masks, vaporizers, hookahs, blunts, joints, and spliffs, or eaten in things such as brownies or cookies.

Marijuana comes in standardized portions, that then vary dependant upon your dealer. The main divisions are Nick, Dime, Dub, Quarter, Half, Oscar, QP or Cutie, Health, and Baby. Of the lowest quality (but still worth smoking) weed, a Nick is 1.4 gram, a Dime is 2.8 grams, a Dub is 6 grams, Quarters weigh in at 7.1 grams, a Half is 14.2, and Oscars are 28.35 grams, or one ounce. QPs/Cuties are quarter-pounds, or 4 ounces, Helath is short for Health Points, or HP, which is a half pound, or 8 ounces, and a Baby is one pound, or 16 ounces. The first few (Nick through Half) are called such because of their pricing; a nick is $5, a dime is $10, a dub is a bouble dime, so $20, a quarter is $25, and a half is $50 (they're based on a $100 standard). Everything over that is not standardized in monetary amounts, just size; it comes down to your dealer or provider for those pricings.

There are multiple differet varieties of marijuana, divided into three different types. Type One is the basic stuff: it will get you high, but isn't as strong as type Two. Type One green is marked by gray ash, inflamed eyes (red and/or glassy), and intense paranoia. Type Two weed is characterized by whiter ash, glassy eyes, decreased paranoia, and mild hallucinations (nowhere near the same as Savia Divinorum, Acid/LSD, or Mescaline). Type Three weed is special. Much likehow you cut cocaine with other drugs, this is grown or mixed with other drugs, thus making it hard to judge or characterize a certain persons' high.
Type one includes regular, or regs, Type two include crip, or crippie/crippy, and Type three includes Purple Haze (weed mixed with acid) and White Widow (weed mixed with coke, also called "dirty").
There is also a supertype of weed, called "hydro". Hydro is any marijuana plant grown in a hydroponics system, and therefore, any type can be grown hydroponically.
This is probably a pointless addition, but it should be noted that the consumption of marijuana in any of its forms is considerably safer than any other drug, be that tobacco, caffeine, or any of the considered harder drugs. There are no chances of losing your mind or any of the like when doing marijuana, like there are on acid, nor is it a lethal addiction, like with oxycontin and crack.

The three most popular ways to do marijuana are (in no particular order) smoking, eating, and drinking. With eating and drinking, there are very few risks. The main one is overdose, and the others fall under the categories of drving accidents and potential jail time. Overdosing on weed is nearly, but not entirely, impossible. One would need 5 (five) pounds of solid THC (tetrahydracannabanoid, the active ingrenient) in their system in order to overdose. In smokers terms, you would literally need to smoke a bowl a second for two days straight. For browniws, since on average, about half of a gram goes into a batch of brownies (roughly a quarter ounce of 'reg' weed), one would need to eat 4,500+ BATCHES of brownies in the same amount of time. Cookies usually have twice the potency, so about 2.250+ batches of cookies. For drinking, one would have to imbibe half a gallon of pure THC, or a gallon and a half of Green Dragon, which has roughly 33% THC per fluid ounce. Granted, one can make stronger (higher THC concentration) brownies/cookies/drinks, but when you do, you're wasting expensive weed (again, not all weed is as cheap as regs).
Smoking, however, opens a slew of problems and risks. For one, its illegal in the States. This makes smoking less viable, as it gives of smoke and a potent stench. Beyond that, one must remember that they are smoking, and that has its own risks. Mostly, carcinogens. That, if you didn't know, is the stuff in the smoke that can (and usually does) cause cancer.
One must also concider, though, some of the most popular ways to get high on marijuana involve a filtration system involving water. Carcinogens are primarily water- and alcohol-soluble, so smoking through a bubbler, a bong, or a zong that has a water or alcoholic chamber through which the smoke must pass through, will considerably decrease the amount of carcinogen intake.

Marijuana, if legalized, would stimulate the economy and decrease crime rates. Beyond all of the silly reasons, like "its good for anorexics" and "people would eat and make restaurant owners rich", the economy would boost dramatically. Marijuana is a fast- and easy-growing plant, requiring only 12 hours of sunlight and regular watering (for which there are systems that are fully automated), that can be made into incredibly soft and durable materials, such as clothing and paper. If Marijuana was legalized and sold by the government at current prices, the economy would boost dramatically. Were it regulated with the same force that cigarettes and alcohol are, crime rates would plummet*. The government would make a considerable profit off of all parts of the plant, all the way from the leaves down to the stems and seeds. Leaves would be smoked, obviously, stems would be made into cloth and paper goods, and seeds would be planted and sold. Similarly, the glass and plastic companies would receive more business, further stimulating the economy. Crime rates would drop because the growth, sale, and usage wouldn't be illegal. Obviously, driving while intoxicated and public intoxication (like being stupid-high) would be illegal, but gettng baked in the comfort and safety of your own home would not be.
*Another thing to worry about is the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug. This is not true in the idea that people who use marijuana are more likely to become addicted to another drug, but rather in the fact that dealers don't make much money off of herb, and try to open their customers to other, often harder and more expensive, drugs. If marijuana was sold legally, like at a gas station or at liquor stores, there wouldn't be harder drugs to sell people on, so they wouldn't be introduced to them, and further on that, they wouldn't feel the need to try them to keep their dealer happy (so said dealer won't cheat them).
It is also true that there are more first-try addicts to cigarrettes than there are to alcohol, and far more first-try alcohol addicts than there are to marijuana. Average statistics and polls show 98% addiction rates in tobacco smokers, 76% addiction rates in alcoholic inbibers, and a 52% addiction rate in marijuana users.

Beyond that, Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant of sweet scent (even to a non-smoker) and good physical attraction. Only downfall? Bees are affected by THC as well, and Marijuana pollenates with THC (which I find quite commical to watch).

Everyone reacts differently, but the same, to Marijuana usage. Some people get sleepy, some people get hungry, some people get intro/extro-verted, others get stupid or silly, some get gigly, and some get all of the above. In all my experience of smoking and eating with all of the people I've done it with, no-one but no-one has ever wanted to go out and do something harmful whilst on the "drug." The criminalization of Marijuana was done based off of a slanderous campaign (starting with the movie "Reefer Madness", portraying a marijuana user getting high and killing his family, followed by himself), and has only stayed illegal because it has been illegal. If stoners would have reacted to the campaign against the herb, the outlawing of marijuana would have been lifted just as quickly as Prohibition. The problem is, they were too busy getting stoned and not being worried to react appropriately. A shame, truly.

Beyond its recreational usage, Marijuana is a highly recommended choice by doctors for the treatment of glaucoma patients, extremely depressed patients, and HIV/AIDS -positive patients. In some states, such as California, Nevada, and New-York, it is entirely possible, and probable, to be prescribed G-13, or government weed, for any of those three reasons, as well as a few similar ones.

As a final note, let me point out just a few things. it is a well-known and widely accepted FACT that many of our founding fathers, as well as many of our greatest minds (in America) have smoked Marijuana. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, as well as Abraham Lincoln, have in their personal diaries or in the first-hand accounts of relatives/co-workers/servers, recorded information regarding their use of Marijuana. This has been true for many a political leader, confirmed as recently as JFK, and even more so than that, Bill Clinton (although, we're told he didn't inhale. Right.).

Peace, love, and marijuana.
1."Hey man, can I get a quarter of that mary-j?"
2."Sure. Speaking of which, want to smoke a jay?"
1."Sounds like a plan. Next, we'll hit my bong, and be good for the night."
2."Yeah... this government weed is the shit!"
1."Hells yeah"
1. "Man... you want to do anything?"
2. "Nah, dude, I'm too blazed on this marijuana. Let's stay home and watch tv, dude."
1. "Yeah... just remind me not to smoke before I work, I don't want o lose my job because I was too stoned to move."
2. "You got it. Weed friends don't let friends lose their jobs, bec--"
1. "Because then they can't afford weed. Duh!"
by UrbanEncyclopedia_Mark April 10, 2008
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