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Believed to be Marijuana. But say, if marijuana did not exist, wouldn't that mean people would go directly to harder drugs? So say "if" marijuana is a gateway drug, that's not such a bad thing...
In a world without marijuana (Gateway drug)

Person 1: Hey man, wanna shoot some smack?

Person 2: Of course, it's too bad there isn't some magical herb we could smoke instead that slows people like us from getting to the real dangerous shit!!!

Person 1 & 2 shoot up.
by sebastiancee December 24, 2007
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a word with no legit meaning to it. used to describe Marijuana and alcohol. a gateway drug is a drug that apparently leads the user to do other, harder drugs. made up by right winged bastards and jesus freaks who have the preconcieved notion that anything slightly illegal and possibly threatning will end up in the downfall of society. also a word used by meth addicts to conjure up some sorry excuse for the fact that they have no self control
90% of drug addicts have tried marijuana. marijuana is a gateway drug
100% of drug addicts have tried water. is water a Gateway drug?
by 12345432112345 January 02, 2007
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1. Any substance that takes an inordinately long time to pass from one's system and leads one to choose a more harmful alternative that doesn't hang around in the fat cells so that a drug test may be passed successfully. See marijuana.

2. Potentially any substance sold by a street dealer.

3. A term liberally touted around by right-wing nutjobs who don't understand the meaning of the term "use responsibly."
1. If I smoke this joint, I'll have to wait to pass a drug test because it will linger in my system for a week or more. But if I take these slightly more dangerous pills, they'll get flushed out in a day or two. The solution is simple! *swallows twelve pills*

2. Me: "Hey man, you got anything green?"
Dealer: "Yeah, that'll be ten bucks. By the way, you like angel dust?"

3. Bill O'Reilly: "Marijuana is a gateway drug! Studies have shown that people who smoke marijuana are led to experiment with other, more harmful drugs to get the same effect!"
Me: "What about alcohol? You'll buy just about anything while you're drunk. Besides, marijuana isn't even a drug, you toolbag."
by Arthritis July 28, 2009
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1. A sedative that you use in a tranquilizer-dart to render a security-guard temporarily unconscious so that you can pass through his checkpoint.
2. A marijuana joint that you use to bribe said guard into letting your pass through said checkpoint.
If Option #2 fails because the guard abstains from recreational-drugs and thus is not interested in your offer, then you may need to resort to the "airborne" gateway drug described in Option #1.
by QuacksO July 08, 2019
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