A type of marijuana. This marijuana gets it's name from the form it is in before sold. THC crystals cover the marijuana, therefore turning it white. Because of the concentrated THC, the marijuana is more potent and therefore more expensive than regs or mids.
1. "I paid over $40 for a gram of White Widow, but it was worth it...Shit got me fucked up."
by Jessica January 14, 2005
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An extremely potent and powerful strain of marijuana. White Widow was developed by crossing an Indian indica strain with a brazilian sativa strain,giving it a 60%sativa 40%indica ratio. Due to it's high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, the White Widow may appear white or coated with a white frosting hence the term "White" Widow.
"I felt glued to my seat after smoking white widow."
by Dirty Minded August 16, 2007
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An overhyped midgrade type of weed that americans think is the jam but the dutch pass off as nothing special. Can get a quarter of it for 30 bucks in holland
Yo, David, you get any good bud? Yeah. I got some super mexican haze that kicks the shit out of that white widow we had the other day. Bitchin'!
by Tom Bosley April 11, 2005
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White widow is a potent weed. It develops many white THC crystals hence the word white, and is very expensive. The reason for its name of widow is very dangerous. You take a dried up black widow(not to old though) and place it under the bowl in a pipe. The weed sucks out the hallucinogenic properties of the black widows venom. This is highly dangerous, and i highly do not recommend it. It does deliver an amazing trip but the chance of fatality does not make it worth it.
stoner 1: dude i just bought some white widow
stoner 2: dude nice
stoner 3: hey man i got a dried up black widow if u want
scavenger smoker: hey guys can i get a hit
stoners 1-3: fuck u
by ColinSaysFuckYou August 1, 2009
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A (very good) kind of weed on its own without any equals. Usually well above average in quality and price. Available at pretty much all coffee shops in Holland.
This weed is special because of a certain natural opium like substance from which the highest cocentrations are found in this type of weed. This is what makes it nice above average. The plant takes a lot of effort and attention to grow.
"Let's get us some widow..." "That widow spliff got me well cained."
by jerry January 26, 2004
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A particually potent variety of marijuana which gets me sufficiently cained.
"This roundabout just enhances the potency of the joint"
by e May 16, 2004
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(n) A type of indoor indica cannabis that gets it's name from the fact that long white hairs protrude from the top of the plant's fruit prior to harvest.
"The white widow, she is a cruel mistress, but what can I say, I love her."
by max barshled August 12, 2007
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