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A strain of very potent marijuana supposedly originally grown by the government
Shiiiiit dude, this G-13 is fucking dank.
by Hella Rad February 24, 2004
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An urban legend that has been going around for at least 15-20 years. g13 is supposed to be a super-pot the government created for research. Renewed interest was brought in because of the movie American Beauty and how g13 is used in it.
In American Beauty, Lester (Kevin Spacey) buys g13 from his neighbor's son.
by benillaice August 04, 2004
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According to the legend, "G" stands for "Government" and the 13th letter of the alphabet is "M"( for marijuana). This strain was purpotedly pinched from the US government's Marijuana Research Facility in Mississippi. I've researched high and low and found no credible source to substantiate this story, other than High Times magazine. A very strong, pure indica, G-13 is most often crossed with other varieties to augment its low yield and fair taste. The taste is hashy, spicy-to-bland flavor. The smell has little fragrance, and its high is a trance-like body stone. It is very potent, sometimes more than 25% THC. Its easy to grow, has a fair yield, and is easy to manicure. Flowering time indoors is 55-60 days, outdoors is mid- october to early November. A legendary strain.
G-13 is extremely dank and can kill a noob in 2 hits.
by Brando420 October 15, 2007
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G-13, supposed "King" of all marijuana strains. Story goes that in the 60's the government procured the best strains of MJ throughout the world, took 13 generations to finally produce the MJ strain. Other myth's follow a similar scheme, G(government)13-alphabet-M(marijuana) A slightly more believable story is G-13 was created at University of Washington's cannibis facility. Once again no proof to support any of these "Myths"
Fact: The G-13 strain has been reported to contain THC levels of 28% by mass. This is nearly double THC%/mass than other high grade sinsemillia grown plants. Purple Haze,Kush,Blueberry,Northern Lights, etc...
by Ganja Master August 31, 2006
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A REAL strain of Marijuana....(orignal seed bank MIGHT have been Mr. Nice Seeds)
there are SEVERAL different hybrids of G13 from Soma SeedBank...
G13 Haze x Amethyst Bud
G13 Haze x Free Tibet
G13 Haze x Heaven
G13 Haze x Reclining Buddha
among many others!
by M0T0RH3D February 01, 2007
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Strain of marijuana bred for potency under a government funded project at the University Of California.
Mo-fo that G13 crippled me! But I kept having to hoof more and more.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
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The most powerful strain of marajuana ever concieved. It in fact is no myth, only in the aspect of it being "pure".It was part of a government research project done between the 1970s and 80s and the only reason it can be found on the streets today is because it leaked, but it was only a clone that made it out of the government labs and into the world, so it can only be crossbread in order to be reproduced. The most potent crossbread samples ever tested were found to have an amount of about 18-19% THC by weight(this is amazing!!!!). Its name has many rumors for the origin of it. For Example: G(Government)-13("M" 13th letter of the alphabet, for Marajuana), G(Grow room)-13. All other rumors for the name's origin are question to too much speculation, and therefore are not taken into account. It is of Afghani or "Indica" origin, but not an incredible amalgamation of many(It's true genetics are not known to me, and I dont think anyone else).
g-13 + haze = ( -_- )
by zig-zag man March 07, 2007
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