to fall from a high level or position
Prices have plummeted.
by English_dictionary January 5, 2013
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when a person jumps from a height of minimum 2 stories
Levi told Jeff to plummet when he broke the overhead in chem. class.
by the Chemistry kid May 6, 2004
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to fall really fast straight down
susie just plummeted off that building and is laying in a bloody mass over there
by SN August 5, 2003
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jumping into the creek from a rope and yelling plummet! at the same time
1..2..3..PLUMMET! *splashhhh*
by ReneeIsMe March 22, 2006
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When someone you love leaves you and everything goes downhill from there.
If you leave me I know I’d go plummet
by Someonesbae June 14, 2019
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The act of describing when someone does something completely useless to the rest of a group of people.

Also can be defined as when a person is dropping from ''their game''.
Andrew - ''I brought a new CD for us to listen to''

*puts in CD player, starts skipping*

Joshua - ''You are seriously plummeting''
by uselesscunt92 August 30, 2011
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When someone jumps off of a high place, dick/vagina out, and lands directly in the hole or on the dick.
I'd rather plummet fuck Nathan.
by Joe Buckets March 18, 2016
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