A phrase that means "If you care enough about a friend's well-being, you won't let them do something stupid like..." The phrase is frequently used, sometimes jokingly, in the form of a public service announcement.
by regular1 November 3, 2008
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Thats my new slogan!

Kelly: I'm going to plaster it like a campaign sign all over my ride. Then get a pair of shorts and logo that on it.

Seeing men are all about the T&A these days, well we all know they have naturally been that way since the dawn of time, on the left breast It will be written, Friends Don't Let Friends, then the "Right" Breast say, Hate And Die!

Or, You could just plaster it all over on of you S-T modles! either way it's what should be real, but alas falls short these days. Like the MADD for Mothers Against Drunk Driving!
That's right! "REAL FRIENDS":

Definition 1:

"Friends Don't Let Friends Hate And Die!"

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