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Callie: I just flushed my phone down the toilet.
Henry: Ooh, that's rough. SMP.
Callie: Thanks, imma need it :(
by Updated Magic April 24, 2016
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The homosexual version of the phrase hoes before bros. To prioritize your female friends before your relationship with another girl.
Stevia: Gee Christine, I sure love spending time with my new girlfriend Jenny! She is so sweet and strong and caring!

Christine: Gurl, you need to start chillin' with us more often. Whatever happened to hoes before hoes??
by Updated Magic February 5, 2017
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Kayories can come off as a bit cold or distant, but that’s just their public persona. Deep-down inside, Kayories just want to be loved.

Kayories typically are very serious. She shies away from crowds, instead preferring the company of people she knows. Once she's in school she'll be studious and unlikely to be distracted by silly games or class clowns. She'll still have fun with people she's close to, but usually only at appropriate times.

While her practical side is going to make it so she knows she’s not making a bad choice, once she chooses, that’s it. She has the ability to quickly make a decision that she’s going to be happy with.
"Damn that girl really don't talk to nobody huh?"
"Kayorie? Nah, you just gotta get to know the kid. Once you know 'er, you'll know she's super fun and chill, bro."
"Shoot, if you say so..."
by Updated Magic January 8, 2020
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A very sweet and beautiful girl. Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, she is tasteful and sophisticated, with an eye for quality, beauty and harmony in all things. She loves everything about romance, seduction and partnership.
"Damn, I just know that girl is fine just by how she walks!"
"She's probably a Nahomie then."
by Updated Magic January 8, 2020
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The chronically online version of "chronically online."
Basically, the politically correct way of saying that someone spends far too much time online, thus corrupting their brain with insane people with limited knowledge's takes on social issues instead of listening to people with real-world experience and/or education.
A: "No way that mf just said that it's offensive and non-inclusive to say "y'all" lmaoo, how chronically online do you have to be?"
B: "Errr… ACTUALLY, it's extremely online."
A: "Oh God, they got you, too."
by Updated Magic September 3, 2022
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The way dumb attention seekers attempt to spell the dance move, "dabb".
Dumb Attention Seeker: omg like why is a dab still a tr3nd l1ke wtf omg i cant even. tHAt d4nce 1s so dumm.
Me: If you want to complain about a dance move, then at the very least spell it CORRECTLY smh
by Updated Magic May 15, 2016
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Just as the hype over "Damn, Daniel" begins to wear off, the internet has created a new, obsessive trend. It's called The #RunningManChallenge, and is similar to other viral dance trends like the Harlem Shake.

Made popular by two University of Maryland basketball players, Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens, the challenge is simple: do a variation of the running man to an old '90s hit song called "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's. Though the first video was only posted a few weeks ago, versions of other people doing the dance are starting to spread to the NFL, NBA, and everyone else. The best part? The trend was started by two teens, Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall.

Check out our favorite videos of the challenge ahead and don't be surprised if when you hear "At night, I think of you," you find yourself doing the running man.
Generic Teen: Hey, man let's do a viral trend!
Generic Teen 2: Sure!
Generic Teen: Okay, let's do the #runningmanchallenge!
Generic Teen 2: I don't see why not.
*My Boo by Ghost Town DJ's plays*
by Updated Magic May 15, 2016
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