a good way to make everyone hate you.
Like why-me
by impregnated cowman February 23, 2017
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A phrase highly used in India, which expresses the speakers dissatisfaction and discontent of an action or statement made by the other party.
The expression has an Hebrew equivalent: 'Lama Ka-Cha', and it is uncertain whther the roots are ill spoken english by Indian folk, that was then translated into hebrew or vice versa.

Possibly the most cynical use of this word can be found written on the jump board of Nepal's famous 160m bungee jump.
Traveler: I won't pay you 50 rupies for this short trip
Rickshaw driver: Why like this?
by traveler July 04, 2006
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The phrase came from Hebrew (LAMA KACHA?), can be used if someone did something wrong and/or bad to you or in general to human kind...
Can be also used in situations of surprise (most likely a bad surprise) said after a shocking action or an insult.
1. #1:"I fucked your wife"
#2:"Why like this?"
2. #1:"You are sooo stupid man..."
#2"Why like this"
by I.G July 31, 2005
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The phrase is coming from the Hebrew language (free translation from Hebrew), meaning unsatisfying from an action done by someone, usually when it concerns to money issues.
when you're trying to buy rain coat in Nepal, when you know that it's price is 5$, and the seller is trying to rip you off offering "really good price of 20$", you tell him "why like this?"
by Ben Harosh December 15, 2005
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