Someone who is basically always on the internet and their entire existence revolves around being on the internet. People who are chronically online typically have no real friends IRL, and stay online starting useless debates that literally achieve nothing outside of a screen.
Giselle: Have you seen the weird new girl? I heard her name was Luna.
Winter: Yeah, she hasn’t interacted with anyone since she’s chronically online. She spends her days debating people over ships.
by illwegal June 20, 2021
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a term used for an extremely sensitive and selfish individual who has become so engulfed in both cancel culture and the internet that they become completely out of touch with real life. usually social rejects and with 0 skills to put to use in the real world, their goal is to make life easier for everyone and to eradicate all forms of “hate” and -ism when in reality, they’re making it worse. essentially someone who won’t make it through life without having to find something to be offended by.

may also be noted that most people described as chronically online almost definitely don’t apply this attitude when they’re not sitting behind a screen. they’re also infamous for not educating someone on what they’re doing wrong and just jumping to the conclusion of cancelling them. they overlook actual important issues and nitpick at things they are PERSONALLY offended by.
A: “please put a trigger warning for water!!” “don’t say ‘asf’ it’s offensive” “put a trigger warning for capital letters please” “this isn’t the hot take you think it is 😐”

B: “oh my god you are so chronically online”
by harry styles left ear July 24, 2021
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Someone who is so absorbed into online life and discourse that they become unfamiliar with things off the internet. They may also form opinions/arguments that have no meaning or actual importance/depth outside of the internet and online spaces.
"Yo April has been mostly online since they were 14."

"Man I can tell, she was arguing about the oppression olympics the other day."

"Yeah. That sounds like they've been chronically online."
by jii707 June 19, 2021
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Any take that is so obscenely outside the realm of normal human discourse that it could solely happen in an internet echo chamber. The kinda take that you only hear on social media sites like reddit, where you can curate exactly who you're talking too, so you know that at any given moment, everyone agrees with your ridiculous take, thus enabling you to go even more insane.

Expect it to be coming from a dumbass 14 year old who's punching it in on their iPad, cause if they said it irl, their parents would smack them upside the head and then change the wifi password.

Not necessarily political, but often, and not necessarily on any side of any political group, but typically leftist or libertarian.
"Hey, child slavery should be legal, cause it's not the government's job to prevent it. I mean... it's still wrong and we should shame people for doing it, but let's legalize it. Just on principle."

"Oh my god, that was the most chronically online take I've ever heard, where'd you get that one, the Libertarian party of New Hampshire's twitter?"
"Personally I think that it's absurd we allow men to give out the nobel prize, it just makes them solely choose advancements that benefit them. They should be exclusively for women or nonbinary people."

"FFS, I know that you heard that in a 400 reply twitter thread when you were scrolling through that app all day last night."
by U735 September 19, 2021
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Chronically online describes those who spend so much time online that they distort their sense of reality and hinder their ability to communicate effectively on any topics because they lack hands-on experience.

Someone who is chronically online tends to cite “problematic” behavior that in reality doesn’t exist. Or they invoke behavior in nonsensical ways.
Online personality: My dog fell down the stairs, but he’s been checked up on and is okay.

Chronically online person: Take him to a vet!! You don’t deserve a doggo. That is so problematic. ✨canceled✨
by CornelThorn November 1, 2021
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These people tend to spend way too much time on tiktok, twitter, or tumblr, and create a whole personality only based on things they see online. They have no real interests and often fake mental illnesses to seem “relatable” or “different.” Some of these people often are also performative activists and participate in activism only because it is seen as “currently trending.” Some of these people also get angry if you don’t put trigger warning for unnecessary things such as: numbers, pronouns, MEN(wtf), white people(also wtf), and other thing you would encounter in a normal day outside of your house. A large majority of these people also go by just made up neopronouns that are so embarrassing that it’s making fun of the trans community at this point. (🖤/🖤self; 🌸/🌸self; bunny/bunnyself) There are so many other things wrong with these people and this is just a few, but I am SO SORRY FOR YOU if you’ve ever had to deal with anyone like this.
p1: Did you hear p3? They just yelled at me for not using a trigger warning for numbers.
p2: No way. I can’t believe those people exist outside of social media.
p1: I know. They’re definitely chronically online.
by Chuck Phuck July 17, 2021
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