Someone who is basically always on the internet and their entire existence revolves around being on the internet. People who are chronically online typically have no real friends IRL, and stay online starting useless debates that literally achieve nothing outside of a screen.
Giselle: Have you seen the weird new girl? I heard her name was Luna.
Winter: Yeah, she hasn’t interacted with anyone since she’s chronically online. She spends her days debating people over ships.
by illwegal June 21, 2021
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someone who doesn't need to use this website for every new word.
person 1: "hey did you hear about that new game that released?"
person 2: "that game was fr mid no cap ratio+L"
person 1: "when was the last time you saw the sun you chronically online fuck?"
by MoistQuasar December 7, 2022
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a term used for an extremely sensitive and selfish individual who has become so engulfed in both cancel culture and the internet that they become completely out of touch with real life. usually social rejects and with 0 skills to put to use in the real world, their goal is to make life easier for everyone and to eradicate all forms of “hate” and -ism when in reality, they’re making it worse. essentially someone who won’t make it through life without having to find something to be offended by.

may also be noted that most people described as chronically online almost definitely don’t apply this attitude when they’re not sitting behind a screen. they’re also infamous for not educating someone on what they’re doing wrong and just jumping to the conclusion of cancelling them. they overlook actual important issues and nitpick at things they are PERSONALLY offended by.
A: “please put a trigger warning for water!!” “don’t say ‘asf’ it’s offensive” “put a trigger warning for capital letters please” “this isn’t the hot take you think it is 😐”

B: “oh my god you are so chronically online”
by harry styles left ear July 24, 2021
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dingus: omg put a triggew wawning for dweamys death! i almowst had a hawt attack! OwO
sane person: chronically online much
sane person 2: omg please stfu
by frielock November 8, 2022
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someone who is always online has no social skills no real life friend and bases their whole life around the internet and is lazy
Example: Tophiachu is chronically online and lazy
by January 13, 2023
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if you use this phrase, you are (ironically) chronically online. means spending too much time on the internet in general
"i just had a full day of arguing in a furry's tiktok comment section about neopronoun discourse."
"bro, you are so chronically online."
by penisshakes April 17, 2023
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a person with blue hair and circular glasses. their name is typically kamille and they have basic middle names. they play overwatch 24/7
no kamille, youre the chronically online one
by mdzs June 11, 2022
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