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A band from L.A. with four members; Evan Pierce, Manny Dominick, Alix Monster, and Kevin Ghost.

They are considered a rock band, but some of their music from the Party In The Graveyard album sounds like dubstep, some sounds like metal, and some sounds like rock.

Basically like a good version BOTDF
Their songs include (to name a few)

• Party In the Graveyard
• Monster
• Dreamer
• Universe
In Flames
• Zombie Girl
• Massacre
• Off With Her Head
• You're So Creepy
• Dr. Doctor

Listen to Ghost Town! They're wicked good :)
by Kawaii Cupcake Cult October 11, 2013
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Who are those four rad dudes from?

That rad band, Ghost Town
by Lilian Peters January 16, 2014
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A hood in West Oakland know for its violence and blight.
It got its name because of some many killings that the town was becoming a ghost town.
lost fool: Where we at?
Ghostie: U in Ghosttown (gun fire)
by yadidimean December 05, 2007
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To destroy; to annihilate, to remove any trace of the thing in question. The phrase comes from Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell":

"'Cause a ghost town is found
Where your city used to be"

Often used in a culinary context (ex.1), "ghost towning" can also be applied in a threatening manner (ex.2). Sometimes used in an exclamatory sense (ex.3).
"I ghost towned that chicken!"
"Ghost town is found where that chicken used to be!"
(I rapidly consumed that chicken, leaving nothing left)

"I'll ghost town your SOUL!"
(I will beat you so badly that your soul will flee)

"Ghost towned!"
(An exlamation upon a decisive victory)
by Craig Kafura August 26, 2006
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A neighborhood in West Oakland, CA in the area of Martin Luther King Jr Way bordering from W. Grand Ave. to 35th Street. The name may have originated in the times when eminent domain forced hundreds of families out of their homes making the area feel like a ghost town. Many also refer to it as ghost town because of all the killings that have taken place in the area. A big percentage of Oakland's homicides happen in this area and the neighboring streets.
Bavgate, a rapper from Oakland signed to Thizz Ent., is from Ghost Town.

"You see that nigga Bavgate from Ghost-Town out there?"
by town shit bitch January 29, 2008
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A term referring to a town that is literally uninhabited, hence its name.
"Silent Hill is a true ghost town."

"There were a lot of ghost towns during the era of the Wild West thanks to roughneck criminals comin' in and a'shootin' the place up."
by Dave September 28, 2004
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