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Callie can sometimes be shy but when you get to no her she will be bubbly, can't stop laughing and love to be with her friends. Callie likes to be funny (or trys to .) Callie is very pretty,funny and kind . Callie is a good person to be around . Sometimes Callie can be conscious of herself or worried how she looks.
Have you seen the the new girl Callie she is so funny and kind .
by Cool girl loves cupcakes November 06, 2017
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A pretty, sweet, and athletic girl who has lots of friends and stays true to all of them. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves to swim and she is one of the fastest on her team. She's not the popular girl at her school, but she has her large group of friends and is well known throughout her school and community.
Callie is beautiful.
by Calico13 June 06, 2017
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adj: amazing, cool, funny, great, fun times, hilarious, silly, cute, nice, sweet, unique, great to hang out with.
In many cases, there are more words to describe... but you get the idea.
I have a friend who is Callie.
by goodHugger December 24, 2007
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Callie-- a gorgeous girl with brown, long, wavy hair. A beautiful smile. She has a crazy personality and is almost always laughing. She has big brown, chocolate eyes with long eyelashes. She has dark skin tone, more olive or tan. She is athletic and doesn't mess with drama. She has a big ass, and can be very flirtacious. Most of her friends are guys and she doesn't fuck with girls depression and drama. She is stubborn and has a strong personality. She almost always hides her feelings and builds walls to act like she doesn't care. She can be very loving.
Callie is a crazy girl who makes me laugh a lot.
by happychick2015 September 07, 2016
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Callie is the most beautiful girl who you could ever see, she is smart and always on top of things, at times she can be crazy, but normally she is very calm and collected, she has beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes with perfect dimples, all together Callie is perfect
"Callie is so hot" "That Callie is a goddes"
by Huskydray March 16, 2017
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Callie is the most beautiful person who has ever walked on earth. She has so many friends and everybody loves her. She has blonde hair green eyes and a beautiful smile. Everybody knows Callie. she is fun and she loves basketball. She can tend to be crazy sometimes. Callie is a great friend and she is so nice and caring and honest and mature.Callie is the coolest person I know. Callie is so talented and good at everything.
I love Callie
Callie is so amazing
by calliehendy December 18, 2014
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