SMP - Suck my P****. Nah, just kidding. It's "Survival Multiplayer", like survival mode in multiplayer..

Also,SMP is the short form of SIMP
iDots SMP most famous block is crafting table
by 4090_Unknown August 7, 2020
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It stands for "Survival Multiplayer". It's a Minecraft Survival world but in Multiplayer mode. There, you can mess around in your survival world with your friends.
Random Minecrafter: Want to do an SMP?
Random Minecrafter 2: Sure, why not?
by Pedro Pendukot August 21, 2020
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SMP or Symmetric Multi-Processing is a computer term referring to operation of a computer with multi CPU cores aligned in an symmetric form.
ReactOS still doesn't have SMP yet.
by IDontHaveAnyClue January 15, 2022
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A term that stands for "Survival multiplayer server" often in reference to a Minecraft server but it can be used for other games
X: Have you heard about that new SMP? It's really cool!
y/n: No?
X: ...Were not friends anymore.
by 8_bitDino March 1, 2021
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An SMP is a word related to a popular Game Called Minecraft. A SMP means Survival Multi-Player (video game)
Or in simpler terms a A multi-player game with no modification nor changes to any game files.
Hey, Dave! Want to play on my SMP? I promise its gonna be FUN!!!
My SMP is gonna be Chaotic place like the dream SMP.
by 49 AREA 49 July 9, 2021
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Stands for "suck my pussy," derived from one of Sophitia's special grab move in Soul Calibur III, where she takes her opponent's head, puts it between her legs and jumps on the ground jamming her crotch in their face at high velocity. First stated by an intense brown gamer when he was losing in frustration to a stupid white guy, where he rejoiced "suck my pussy" when he won.

Now, SMP is used as the short form, synonymous to Feel It.
Want to face me in Soul Calibur? Get ready to Suck My Pussy!

While I was wrestling Michael, I SMPed that bitch.
by balbir December 16, 2009
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"Shit My Pants" It's a non-lame "lol". What's radder, laughting out loud, or shitting your pants while laughing? Ya.
"haahhahha SMP, i literaly shit my pants. You should be on kings of comedy!"
by BOBBY B. May 13, 2004
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